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Quick introduction to start: Valmont Marseille, known to many citizens of Hathian as the owner of Val’s Irish Pub in Black Bottom near Columtreal University, and supervisor at the Titty Twister club on Bourbon Street. I moved to Hathian 5 years ago from Boston, and have been involved in many public initiatives to boost the profile of Hathian throughout the great state of New Orleans. I live in Black Bottom with my daughter Mary, and have other family ties in the parish.

I read the recent article in the Observer with great interest (“Chief of HPD Calls For ‘Representatives’ for better police-citizen relations in Hathian”, Jayda Ferrentino, Sunday 6 October edition). I think if the HPD wants someone to represent the interest of the ordinary, working class Hathian citizen, then I think I can be of service here.

I’ve been quite vocal to friends, colleagues, enemies and police in person and through social media about the state of affairs in Hathian. I come from the simple perspective of a citizen who wants to make money working hard in Hathian, and wants to support other business owners in doing the same. It’s been said that ‘Hathian is Hell’, mainly by those who have been suffered from the violence that plagues our city. But there’s still enough of us coming back to work here every day, to party at night, and to enjoy the reputation that Hathian has always had as the most hardcore place in the New Orleans outskirts.

While being heavily critical this year of the Hathian Police Department in many respects, my criticism has always been of a political nature, the kind that can be resolved through dialogue and negotiation. I’ve always respected HPD and the tough job they have. One may recall that I spoke publicly at a forum held by HPD earlier in the year. I have also been grateful to some of the police who have assisted me in the hour of need over my years in Hathian. And I have counted some of those in uniform as close friends.

I’d like to take this opportunity to help represent the citizens of Hathian in any future forum with HPD – either as a sole representative, or as part of a group. I think I can speak for a wide range of the citizens of Hathian, with contacts within business, families, and yes even the gangs. I’m not speaking as someone with a squeaky clean record, but as someone who has contacts throughout Hathian.

What would be my main objectives speaking to HPD?

1. Keeping the citizens of Hathian safe from violence

2. Promoting businesses to improve the local economy

3. Building a better trust between HPD and the citizens.

I’d like to ask the Observer readers to support me should this initiative require electoral support. Even if it means a free pint of Guinness to get your vote 😉

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