FDH Captain Doe Rhiadra-Kohime Missing, Believed To Be Abducted

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Captain Doe Rhiadra is believed to have been abducted by a gang known as The Crows
Captain Doe Rhiadra is believed to have been abducted by a gang known as The Crows

Fire Department of Hathian Captain Shadoe ‘Doe’ Rhiadra-Kohime  is believed to have been abducted by the gang known as the Crows sometime earlier this week. Concerned friends and her fiance Detective Katsuragi reported her as missing after Rhiadra-Kohime, 38, failed to show up for work and she failed to respond to calls and texts. Friends who know the FDH Captain have stated that the gang known as the Crows are responsible for the abduction.

“I first learned that Doe was missing on Monday. I’m friends with his fiance, and I spoke to him that night. He was worried because during his work as a detective at the HPD, he arrested a man affiliated with the Crows. Apparently the man was threatening to get back at my friend for arresting him by targeting someone close to him. By the time we could look for her, Doe was no where to be found.” A close friend who wished to be kept anonymous stated to the Hathian Observer.

'Doe' Rhiadra-Kohime is a hard working member of the FHD

Rhiadra-Kohime is believed to have been snatched up by the Crows in retaliation for her fiance’s work in arresting members of their gang. Dr Gavilan-Soyuz is offering ten thousand in cash in an attempt to recover the missing Captain – who was recently promoted – quickly. The longer time drags on the less certain her friends and fiance can be of her state of being, with the Crows notorious for having kidnapped and tortured Titty Twister manager Bluebell Hendrick-Noel over a period of three weeks. The manager was rescued, but had sustained serious injuries. By issuing a reward and spreading the word, hopefully citizens who may have seen something or know of anything will come forward and relay any information to the HPD who have a missing person’s report filed on the captain.

The FHD have been alerted to be on the lookout for their colleague.




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