Phantoms or Sick Hoax?

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In the early morning hours of September 3rd, a badly beaten female, stabbed and shot, was dumped in the middle of the street on Hathian Highway, near the butcher shop.  A small crowd gathered around the woman as 911 was called. Due to her severe injuries, a patron worked diligently to stem blood loss while another offered his vehicle to transport her to Hathian General Hospital, where Doctors were able to treat her life threatening injuries and save her life.  After moving her from intensive care this morning, she regained consciousness long enough to give a statement to the police along with her name. Jaded De Luca Rossini informed authorities she was attacked and drugged before being taken to an abandon warehouse were two offenders, one dressed as the Joker; the other dressed in all black with a cape began to physically assault her.  It was apparent the victim was shaken and when questioned further, she revealed that since her abduction in conjunction with Ms. Lia Linette, at the hands of the Phantoms in December of 2011, that lasted 11 days before being released after payment of a healthy ransom, she cannot shake the feeling they are behind the attack.  “I can’t seem to push it from my head, that they are responsible for this.  It has been a year and just when I stop looking over my shoulder, they come for me.” Ms. Linette was contacted but failed to give a statement at this time.

While not much has been heard from the Phantoms in months, could this action be an indication that they have returned?  This isn’t far from the mark on the type of behavior they are capable, however it has been a good measure of time without so much as a peep from the unruly group. Time may only hold the answers to this question and why Ms. Rossini seemed to suffer an attack without provocation.

Ms. De Luca Rossini is an employee of the City of Hathian, she currently works as an Attorney for Civil Services.

If anyone has any information concerning this case, please contact the Hathian Police Department.

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