City Inspector And Head of Social Services: Abuse Allegations, Video Evidence Emerges

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Denise Domela stands outside of the Civil Service building.
Denise Domela stands outside of the Civil Service building.

City Inspector and head of Hathian Civil Services Denise Domela, 29,was taken under police custody in the month of August over allegations of violence against children, but was shortly released. Charges were attempted but not delivered ultimately upon the social services head, but an investigation was launched.  Domela went back to work shortly after, but the allegations have not been laid to rest and with the surfacing of two particular videos, one a  recording from the hospital security video camera, Domela’s reputation and career may be at risk.

Denise Domela,29, was taken into custodyafter one of the children under Domela's charge publicly accused her of abuse.

The first video submitted recently to the office of  the Hathian Observer and shows Domela entering the children’s ward on a ‘visit’ to see Teyrin Miller, 11, who has spoken out against the social service worker in the not too far past, claiming she used him and his siblings  to carry out illegal activities and threatened them with threats of and actual violence. The video footage shows a seemingly inebriated Domela walking over towards Teyrin Miller’s bed where he had been recovering from injuries brought on by an officer using questionable force to stop and interrogate him-with the footage showing Domela leaning over to talk to Miller. In the next few moments the footage shows Domela reaching out to ‘fluff’ up Miller’s pillow but  the next few seconds are cut out due to the camera’s movement, but after a few seconds Miller is seen going into a fit, spasming in his bed as Domela quickly moves away. Miller himself accused Domela of shaking him hard, injuring him even farther. We questioned Dr Allestria Slade, who was the doctor on duty at the time,  to determine whether Miller’s injuries were the result of an active assualt upon the child or would have occured because of his previous injuries.

“Being paged by the HGH while at a picnic , I rushed to the hospital to see what was going on  and found Teryin unresponsive.  I did tests and found his brain was swollen to the same size as when a baby has been shaken . It’s called shaken baby syndrome.  I was told by an eye witness -the boys sister- that a woman who said she was Domela a social worker had come in and shook the boy.  He had swelling on the  brain and had to stay in the hospital  for  awhile until he was released to his sister.”

The statement from the doctor supports the accusation levelled by Teyrin’s sister Dusk Miller that the social services worker had shaken him so hard, having gone on record previously stating to the Observer about the incident that: “she starts shaking his bed and he had a seizure.. And she’d pushed bone into his brain and he had to have another surgery.” Teyrin Miller himself had also stated to the paper that “Denise Domela came into the ward and she was drinking I could tell and she tells me how she is going to take me away so I won’t see my family then she comes over and starts shaking me so hard. I thought I was going to die.”

A second DVD submitted anonymously, even more recently, to the office of the Hathian Observer, shows Domela being held by two men whose images and voices are distorted by the camera and possibly several others as more voices are heard in the background.  The man, who is holding Domela at knife and gunpoint, interrogates her as the camera rolls on, “What the fuck were you having them do that would even amount to you needing to hire someone to beat up children?”  Domela, looking shaky and with her hair and clothes in disarray, answers, “”It doesn’t matter! “They needed to be taught a fucking lesson! You’ll see, they gonna betray your asses one day too!”  Domela is threatened by the man who states to her that “If you ever…ever touch those kids, hire someone, ask someone, instruct someone to hurt them again…What happened to you now, will seem like a god damn picnic. Do you understand? We will make sure you will wish you were fucking dead.” The cameras roll on to show Domela being sexually assaulted with her attackers faces hidden but it is evident that there is one white male and another black male. After the rape the cameras reveal the men carving and marking something into Domela’s body, finally pulling away to show it off to the cameras: “Child Abusing Whore” and the word “Rejects” have been carved and marked onto her flesh.

Domela has since been recovering from her ordeal and when contacted she had this statement ready for the press. “I‘ve said from the beginning the attack on me from these thugs only proves what I and Social Services have been dealing with all along, those children have and are still tied into gang activities. It is evident on this alleged video by the thugs themselves they were sent on behalf of those Miller kids. A file has been reported with HPD against these characters and I let the fine officers of our police department to do their job accordingly to handle those Rejects from this point forward. As far as these accusations of me admitting anything on video, clearly if you watched it you would of seen my life was on the line and I was in a situation where I was clearly forced to say what these men wanted, otherwise I’d not be sitting here on the phone today with you. The real criminals will be caught and prosecuted, no matter their ages. That’s my statement, take it or leave it

With allegations of child abuse plaguing the Child Social Services worker since before the attack occured, is Domela simply getting a taste of vengenance vigilante style from gang members on the street who, for some of them, were victims of child abuse themselves? The two videos seem to support the idea that the allegations are true but unfortunately, with the violence displayed,  people will now question the validity of Domela’s claims because it could be argued that has she clearly stated, was made under force. The HPD have yet to reply to The Hathian Observer about the on going investigation on Domela but it is hoped that they will be able to get to the bottom of these allegations surrounding the controversial figure.

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