Masked Thief ‘Minx’: “I Steal From The Rich To Give To The Poor”

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The diner was Minxes latest target in a string of robberies.
'Minx' as she calls herself was caught on the surveillance camera outside of Lou's Ba

 The masked robber who attacked two females on Bourbon Street, as well as art gallery owner Inara Shen, has struck again, this time targeting Slim’s Goodies Diner. Manager of the diner, Greenlee Morissey, 29, was attacked recently by the masked assaliant who also assaulted a reporter in the office of the Hathian Observer not long after the incident. The robber revealed to our reporter that she goes by the alias, ‘Minx’ and is on a mission to steal from the wealthier members of Hathian – such as business owners –  and give to those less fortunate, mentioning she gave money to prostitutes.

Manager Morissey sustained several injuries at the time of the incident, but has been recovering and was able to talk to the Hathian Observer. “She came in and stole about $250 bucks from the diner. I tried to stop her, and well, it didn’t go very well. Got some good hits in, but, well what can I say, I cook for a living. I don’t fight.”  She also added that, “she stole from the diner. Money that was supposed to go to paychecks for the employees. That woman is a menace and seriously needs to like be caught.”

The diner was 'Minx's' latest target in a string of robberies.

The thief, who is roughly 5’7, seems to be from an African American background and disguises her face with a veil, attacked a journalist in an attempt to get her story picked up by the paper and make her name known, and that she believes in her own personal mission of redistributing wealth amongst the less fortunate.  

Owner of Shen Art Gallery out in Vodou, Inara Shen was also the target for the masked assaliant. “I was only upstairs for a minute or two but when I came down, she had broken in. I managed to turn around and get my knife out. She was like.. saying stuff like ‘Oh, does kitten want to play’ and charging me. I sliced up her legs a bit. She kicked me in the face and I was nearly out cold. When I could see again, she’d run off, leaving a blood trail out the door. I guess I cut her pretty bad. It was dark though. I barely got a look at her except to see that she had dark skin, black hair… was wearing all black and like.. gloves up to her elbows. And she had like a black surgeons mask on her face.” The artist also added, “I think she intended to steal stuff, what with being dressed like a classic cat burglar. She just maybe didn’t get a chance since I fended her off. She didn’t take anything.

Whether or not ‘Minx’ is lying and is stealing for her own benefit has yet been determined, and so far she has managed to evade arrest. Hopefully with more details being left behind at the scenes of her robberies, police will be able to track this elusive robber down and put her behind bars soon.

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