Edith Washington: Found, Alive!

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Edith Washington found after three days missing by a woman (Sarah Jackson) while she was taking her dog for a walk after passing an old home in the bayou, who’s owner she has known ever since she was a little girl. “I heard screaming from his house, I rushed in, looked everywhere, found the poor girl up in his attic… I knew Mr. Roberts (Bob Roberts) since I was only fourteen. You think you know someone…” says Sarah. Apparently Edith was inside “Mr. Roberts” attic. Edith was knocked out with a pipe to the head, which requires resting due to a concussion and is very weak and or traumatized for the time being. With some therapy she will be released from the hospital and will be able to roam around the streets of Hathian freely. Investigators revealed that the perpetrator has murdered over six women in the past nine years and has just been found. He will be in court next Tuesday and will be held in custody until then… Edith Washington only says “He knocked me out, and I was taken, right there, right in the day…” She was in awe. The 30,000 dollar reward will be given to Sarah Jackson, and hopefully will be able to get rid of the sad fact that a lifelong family-friend has been a murderer and a lunatic if it hasn’t convinced you enough, the criminal beat the victims face in with a blunt object, ripped out they’re hair, and just tortured they’re dead/alive body until his full pleasure was released into the body he has beat… Sickening, yes, we pray for all the victims family’s for this disgusting individuals acts.


Bob Roberts, murderer of six Louisiana locals.

Edith Washington, Found in the attic after yelling for help for hours while the criminal was out in town…


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