‘The Slayer’ Arrested On Bourbon Street For Street Brawl

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Officers take Buffy Summers into custody as she is detained outside of Lou's Bar.

An altercation occured Saturday 2nd of September  between two females, one of whom was identified as recently released mental patient known as Buffy Summers. Officers were quick to arrive to the scene as the two women, one unidentified brunette thought to be in her twenties and Summers, fought outside of Lou’s bar on the corner of Bourbon Street, connecting to Hathian Highway.

Officers attempted to separate the women, but the brunette apparently provokved Summers by calling out an inflammatory comment, which caused Summers to turn around and punch the brunette in the face. The brunette attempted to retaliate and a scuffle between the officers and the women ensued, but eventually the brunette calmed down and left the scene as Officers Hartigan and restrained Summers, successfully cuffing her as they took her under police custody to the station headquarters where Summers was locked up in a single cell.

‘Summers’ past involves being in gangs from an early age, a member of the Hell’s Saints and later a ‘Dolls’ gang member. She quit both gangs and ended up in a private facility from which she has been recently released as she was thought to be recovered. Asked about the fight which occured, Summers spoke up and revealed: “It wasn’t my fault. You start a conversation with someone and they end up calling you a slut…which I’m not. Well…uhm…I mean I guess I was once but that was desperation…Anyway, she simply smart mouthed to the wrong girl…so I punched her face. It was no biggie. Twelve hours jail time and a tour of the new cell block. I guess the HPD have been stealing money again.” 

The unidentified brunette was not available at the time of press for comment, but it seems that the official police report supports this version of events. With her violent past, it is hoped that Summers who was admitted out of care for excellent progress will be able to readjust to life in Hathian. However, when asked about vampires, Summers had this to say: “”I know, it sounds crazy right? But what else do you call someone who eats human flesh but a zombie. What else do you call someone who drinks human blood but a vampire? I’ve seen it. Zombies ate one of my best friends on bourbon street. Two vampires bit me in the jail cells . But I’m not just some crazy person….I’m The Slayer..”

Whether or not Summer’s belief in vampires will result in a violent chain of events remains to be seen but otherwise she seems to be coping fairly well  with her transition back into Hathian city life, a street brawl being the best initiation into this city that citizen’s can expect.

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