The Legacy Of Isaac

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Hurricane Isaac made his appearance known Wednesday with heavy winds and torrential rains that doused the area relentlessly for close to 36 hours.   As officials began surveying the damage to the city, they were relieved to see that the destruction was nowhere near Katrina levels, however, that does not mean Hathian was spared. The beaches and low lying coastal areas remain under water from the rain and storm surge, and this has made some of the roads along these areas especially dangerous. The flood waters are expected to recede slowly over the next 24 hours, but until they do, residents are asked to use caution when traversing these areas.

Making life even more difficult for residents are the power lines, signs, and other debris that have been torn down and scattered around the city by Isaac’s winds. The Observer contacted Hathian Power and Electric who stated that crews will be out to begin restoring the power as soon as it is safe to do so, though full power may not be restored for several days. Officials urge those using generators to do so safely. For those without generators, or those who are conserving the fuel they have, several businesses around the city have opened their doors to those who need assistance and/or shelter during the aftermath of the storm. They are:

The gym at Columtreal University in Black Bottom
The Daily Grind
Hathian General Hospital
Health Clinic of Hathian

In addition to infrastructure damage, this reporter has been informed that the long-standing Berthier St. Bakery suffered serious flood damage and the Codes Department has been forced to close the business until further notice. Slim Goodies Diner has also suffered flood damage and the staff will be working to clean up the eatery as quickly as possible; the eatery will remain open while they do.

The National Weather Service has now downgraded Isaac to a tropical depression as it makes its way out of Louisiana.  Scattered rain and thunder storms are expected to continue throughout the day, though these will be more of a pop-up variety. The weather over the upcoming Labor Day weekend is expected to be in the mid to upper 80s, with lows dipping into the mid-70s. None of the days are expected to be wash outs in terms of rain, however, having a rain jacket or umbrella handy might not be a bad idea.

Keep an eye to the Observer for updates as more information regarding damage to our city, and shelter locations, is gathered.

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