Cop vs Citizen Brawl outside of Lou’s

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Officer & Citizen Brawl
Officer & Citizen Brawl

On the afternoon of August 4th, 2012, a scene broke out in front of Lou’s Bar, exciting some and disgusting others. A Hathian Police Deparment officer challenged an unarmed citizen to a street fight.

Apparently the fight started due to citizen, Nicki Valentine, protesting after the Officer had her friend’s car towed while they were inside of Lou’s Bar. Ms. Valentine then charged at the officer. After some scuffling,  Ms. Valentine taunted the Officer implying the Officer was defenseless without her weapons.

HPD back up came on the scene. At that time, the Officer took off her belt, containing her weapons, handed it to a fellow Officer, and challenged Ms. Valentine to a knuckle fight. Ms. Valentine took off her shoes in preparation.

Many onlookers gathered to see such a fight. The women went several “rounds” but in the end the fight ended in a tie, when the Officer relented, wrote Ms. Valentine a ticket, and left the scene.

I interviewed Ms. Valentine after the scuffle and asked her for a quote on the event. She stated, “Cops are weak, I knew it and I proved it!”


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