Car Jacking on Bourbon Street

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Onlooker snapped shot of carjacking
Suspect in Car Jacking

On the morning of July 29th, 2012, a car jacking took place on Bourbon Street, near the bridge. An onlooker (who wishes to remain anonymous) reported seeing a car slow down in front of a man on the corner and idled for a few minutes. Next the driver got out of the car and appeared to be exchanging embraces with the man. Quickly, the man then shoved her hard to the ground, got in her car, and drove off with it. The onlooker reported seeing the woman get up slowly and then head in the direction of the Hathian Police Department.

After a visit to the police station, this reporter pulled the recent police reports and found that the owner of the vehicle had later found her car abandoned behind a parking garage. The car was in tact except for the stereo/cd system being removed.

The car jacker is still at large. He is approximately 6′, has short jet black hair and last seen in a black t-shirt and faded jeans.

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