Chief Of HPD Henrich Andel: Above The Law?

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Chief Hendrich Andel is known for his forceful delivery of the law.
Chief Hendrich Andel is known for his forceful delivery of the law.

I answer to no one but Commissioner Toav. And he basically let me do what I want as long as I get results… which I do.”  Chief Hendrich Andel was caught telling an Officer in the HPD, unaware he was secretly being recorded in a conversation which exposes the Chief’s true colors.

I have realized in my years in this department that these civilians don’t give a shit about us. So why should I give a shit about them?”  Andel’s unguarded remarks are typical of his work ethic and behavior on the streets of Hathian. “I’m above everything in Hathian. And remember that I will do everything to protect the Hathian PD..” Chief Andel’s job is not an easy one, but even the Chief of Police is held to a code of conduct – one which does not allow the chief to exploit his position and abuse members of the public, even criminals. An example of the Chief not following the rules for the department was brought up by one of the Officers reporting for duty, overheard asking about warrants: “I really can give two shits about a warrant, but I guess one wouldn’t hurt…” was the response to the officer from Andel’s own mouth. When the Chief of Police has no regard for the law that they are meant to be upholding, what distinguishes them from a criminal on the street? The only difference that remains is one wears a uniform and is able to use the law to carry out actions which would otherwise be seen as illegal – such as use of force and rape.

Reporter Jayda Ferrentino was choked and hit by Chief Andel

Another clear cut example of abuse of power is Chief Andel’s recent interrogation of reporter Jayda Ferrentino, over an interview with Professor Helstein who alleged Andel beat and raped her. These claims were made and depicted as claims in the article, but Chief Andel became furious and hysterical when the reporter was brought to him by officers, who had driven her to the station from her office on his orders.

The reporter was interrogated by Andel, who she claimed, “broke out in a furious rage over the article, yelling at me before reaching out, lifting me back from my seat and choking me..after releasing me he punched me in the face, telling me to watch out and to write an article ‘idolizing’ him by the end of the week or I would be targeted by him-the next time he would do worse to me he said.” The reporter has since quit her job in defiance of Andel, not wanting to write an article that “idolized him…I would rather quit then feed lies to the public about what Andel is really like. He needs to be shown for who he really is…he might be the Chief of police but everybody has to obey the law, especially the ones who enforce it in the first place.”

There have been numerous claims of Chief Andel misusing his power and position to deliver brutal justice to those on the streets of Hathian, with the Chief allegedly rarely discriminating between innocent members of the public – caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time – and criminals. Attacks on the press will not silence The Hathian Observer, instead it will only turn the spotlight on Chief Andel and his actions, exposing them to the public so that nobody is uncertain that the line between criminals and agents of the law is not as clear as it should be under Chief Andel’s command.

((Written by Jayda, but published under ghostwriter name))

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