The Clam: Details Emerge On Why Attacks Take Place

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Lokaria stands near her ice cream stand, situated just opposite of her burnt down store.
Lokaria stands near her ice cream stand, situated just opposite of her burnt down store.

The Clam’s manager Kelly Lokaria,22, has been the victim of  long running attacks on her store and employees by gang members, mainly by the gang known as The Rejects. Until now, it was unclear why these attacks were taking place but now details have emerged from a trusted and reliable  anonymous source explaining the reason for  the attacks on Lokaria and her store and it’s employees. The attacks have ranged from assaults on the clerks who work there to stand offs between police and gang members-with most recently, OfficerMcAndrew dying after being shot by Rejects inside the store during a gun battle there. Lokaria herself has been the victim of a shooting, carried out by ‘Regi’, also a gang member. So why is The Clam such a target for gang activity? The Hathian Observer was able to find out and reveal the details.

Takashi Haramori was an accomplice to the attack carried out by 'Hex' on The Clam

Lokaria, a source close to the manager revealed, had managed to get herself in trouble as a new arrival when she was attacked by the gang one day when she was running her store. “She wasn’t doing anything wrong, she’d just been minding her own business when Reject gang members picked a fight with her which resulted in her being taken to hospital. Desperate to make some money after losing out on wages while she recovered, she sold some ‘extra’ medical supplies that she happened to come into. The Rejects took this as a sign that Lokaria planned on stealing business from their own dealing of narcotics and sent members of it’s gang as well as gang associates such as ‘Hex’ and Haramori to ‘teach Kelly a lesson’.” Increasing  attacks on her store and her own person, led Lokaria to snap one day, when gang member ‘Regi’ stole 500$  from her store, with Lokaria retaliating by keying his car- finding out only afterwards he had ties to the gang. From there, things got even uglier, with the attacks becoming more extreme-most recently with Lokaria being shot at by Regi, wounding her arm.

'Hex' who works for The Rejects, was sent to 'teach Kelly a lesson' by assaulting her.

Gang member ‘Regi’ has more then criminal association linking him with ‘Hex’, the two of them are related by blood as brothers. While ‘Hex’ and Haramori are not Reject gang members, they do associate with the gang, carrying out certain ‘jobs’occasionally. The Clam is still at present shut down due to to the fire started by Reject gang member. The manager, the source who wishes to remain anonymous for security purposes,states that Kelly  was targeted from very early on. The reasons for the attacks  may also have been due to the fact that Lokaria is an Irish immigrant, with a noticeable accent and has a somewhat striking appearance- with her red hair marking her out and her short height helping other people to mistake her for an easy target. With The Clam shut and under investigation, her twin sister Kinley Lokaria wounded after gang member ‘Espi’ Hernandoz shot and wounded her, the manger is under an incredible amount of pressure and fed up with the violence. Lokaria had not been trying set herself up as a drug dealer the source argues-one of the main reasons that the Rejects had issues with Lokaria- because all she had to deal were a few small supplies and these were only sold because she had to make money for herself as a result of the attack the Rejects had intiated on her themselves. There may be more behind the reasons then the source has described but unless someone from the Rejects is willing to speak up and make a statement, we will only be able to believe that Lokaria is clearly the victim here and that the gang is set on destroying this small time business owner for their own purposes and pleasure.

 ((Editor: Last names of Regi & Hex removed ICly, please disregard information ICly.))

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