Rejects Retaliate: The Clam Burns As Rejects Attack Store and Employees.

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A fire engine is called as paramedics and fire fighters joined officers at the scene of the attack.

The Clam burned steadily Monday evening,  after being set upon by the gang known as the Rejects. Armed with a crowbar, Piper McAuley and her gang stormed the Clam, attacking the employees as well as manager Kelly Lokaria inside the store. Lokaria,22, was able to escape as the gang ambushed the store, with one of their members standing outside as a lookout as other members set it on fire. It is thought the Rejects may have carried out the attack on the store as a response to ex gang member and Clam security employee,  Sofia Keolanui’s threats to the Rejects over their attacks carried out on the store and it’s employers and employees.

Reject gang member 'Espi' Hernandez stands outside of The Clam as a lookout, armed with a gun.

 Kelly Lokaria’s twin sister Kinley, 22, was shot down by the armed gang member identified by an anonymous source as Esperanza Hernandez – standing outside of the store as lookout. Espi, as she is known, was overheard yelling; “we will BURN THEM ALL!” as she fired shots at Kinley Lokaria, managing to wound her and her friend as they both collapsed on the ground, while onlookers stood watching  horrified.

Kinley Lokaria lies wounded and bleeding on the ground after being shot.

Several  gang members  were witnessed chasing  after store manager Kelly Lokaria and her employee, a man who hasn’t been identified yet, as the store was set on fire by a remaining member. In the meantime, Reject gang member  Hernandez was engaged in a shoot out between Officer Bedlam who was joined by Officer Akish, with firefighters and paramedics arriving on the scene during the standoff. The Reject member threw her gun before attempting to flee as Officer Bedlam managed to shoot at the woman who collapsed to the ground after being struck. The weapon was recovered was not recovered by officials.  Earlier witnesses heard the woman screaming out: “Your little clam leperchauns and their pineapple cunt ain’t so innocent and if they dont fucking watch it..they’ll be gone just like we made those phantoms gone.” Other reports of long running attacks on the Clam have led to speclation  as to the reasons behind the attacks, which still remain unclear; however, another detail on the feud between the gang and the Clam employer/employees was revealed in another statement made by the Reject: “I let you the fuck go after you teamed up with the phantoms and we get threats in return? You and that grace cunt have a coupla things to learn.” Whether this means Lokaria allied herself with the Phantoms against the Rejects at one point or was connected to them by employee Sofia Keolanui is unclear at this point.

Officer Harper is wounded and taken away by paramedics.

Hernandez was caught by Officer Bedlam and taken into custody under charges of assault on an officer, domestic terrorism, and carrying out a gang attack. Officer Harper was wounded as he attempted to join in pursuit of the fleeing Reject members. The officer had joined Officers Bedlam and Akish as the Reject gang members Kizzie Urqhart, Giles Chaveau, and associate Nadia Trinh were eventually caught and arrested.

Firefighter Lt. Kohime,38,  led the battle to save The Clam from burning down to the ground while the officers gave chase to the fleeing Rejects. The fire engulfed the entire building and burned steadily for hours before the valiant efforts of the Fire Department of Hathian paid off and other buildings were saved from catching on fire.


The armed Reject gang member is brought down by a gunshot wound issued by Officer Bedlam.

  At the moment, four people have been arrested while the Lokaria sisters  have  been taken into hospital. One customer, Mr Reynir Rasmussen,  who had been shopping at The Clam related his experience to The Observer after being lucky enough to escape the blazing fire and gang members.  “See, this is  how it happened. I was in the store, right? These four…or was it five? people walk in, lunge at the storekeeper. She tried to escape.. I tried to help her, right? Im a gentleman after all and there was a woman in dire need. But there were far too many even for me, you know, and then one of the girls…a tattooed one…she just tossed oil all over the store and there you have it.”  With the manager and her twin sister in hospital recovering, the Clam is currently undergoing anvestigation carried out  by the FHD and HPD to determine any farther clues or details of evidence. It has been closed temporarily until farther notice.  How exgang member Sofia Keonlanui will respond is anybody’s guess and it seems like things at The Clam are reaching boiling point. Will there be more heavy repercussions to pay and who will be caught out next time?

Reynir Rasmussen, an innocent bystander was a customer in the store at the time of the attack.
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