Hathian Health Clinic Set to Open

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The Hathian Health Clinic located in District Eight will be holding its Grand Opening July 6, 2012 at 6 p.m. The affair will be open to the public with staff on hand, giving out pamphlets for clinic hours, information, and services available.  Food and drinks will be served and all citizens in Hathian are encouraged to visit and learn more about the facility and the no cost services provided.

After learning the non for profit clinic will offer free medical care and services to all residents of the city, I gave them a call and late one evening met up with the Administrator and Lead Doctor of the Clinic, Dr. Cayden DeLuca. We toured the facility, which was once a flourishing business which housed a furniture store, but was recently nothing more than a run down building.  Dr. DeLuca along with Dr. Honey Constantine, Dr. Ethan Constantine, and Dr. Cordillia Rossini and Jaded Rossini seen a need for the medical clinic in the community and took $250,000 in federal grants and went to work, starting with the slight restoration of the building.  When I asked Dr. DeLuca about the programs and specialties they will be providing he was more than excited to talk with me about the services the clinic would be offering the community. “We have two OB/Gynecologists on staff, as well as a Pediatrician and General Practice Doctor.  The clinic will provide women with different options when confronted with pregnancy such as termination up until the second trimester or pre-natal check ups for mothers-to-be until the scheduled birth of their child. We will have monthly vaccination clinics for children, support groups for drug and alcohol rehabilitation that meet weekly and we are a fully licensed methadone clinic.  These are just a few of the services we will provide at no cost to the community and we plan to do so as long as we receive the funding.  We do have a few benefits planned throughout the year to help with expenses; however, I don’t want to give away all the surprises at one time.  The wonderful thing about the clinic are all doctors are employed through Hathian General Hospital and can be available if needed at any time.”

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Dr. DeLuca about the Health Clinic of Hathian and I have plans of attending the open house. I hope to see you all there.


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