Wanted Criminal Armando Montana Caught And Killed By Officer and Detective

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Slain criminal Montana lies in a pool of his own blood after being shot dead by officers
Slain criminal Montana lies in a pool of his own blood after being shot dead by officers

Armando Montana, 35, an international fugitive of the law and hardened criminal, was slain by  police after a dramatic struggle which ended in a gun fight and his subsequent death. Montana had previously been wanted for the rape of several female citizens including most prominently, Angie Long, journalist for the Observer as well as lawyer Shannon Portal. His victims were usually found alive and bound excessively tightly with rope, some in the streets of Hathian, others such as Portal, were found in a motel. Montana was believed to have links to gangs in Cuba before fleeing to the US and continuing his criminal activities in Louisiana.

Officer Jimmie Vermillion had caught sight of Montana in Lou’s Bar on Bourbon Street and chased him down the road by the Titty Twister, where he attempted to grapple with the criminal, only for Montana to pull a knife out and stab at the officer. Officer Vermillion managed to deflect the knife, although sustaining an injury to his thigh and right hand in doing so. The officer then proceeded to wrestle with Montana on the ground, sustaining another wound to the shoulder after being hit repeatedly by Montana until he was able to shoot the criminal.

Officer Vermillion on Bourbon street, near where the assault took place.

Detective David Gutter arrived on the scene on a routine patrol of the area and was there to aid Officer Vermillion who had managed to successfully wound Montana as the officer lay on the ground, injured. Detective Gutter lost no time aiding his colleague and shot Montana as he attempted to escape, shooting the criminal in the head. Officer Vermillion had to be taken to the Emergency unit of the Hathian General Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries, but had this to say about sucessfully putting a stop to the serial rapist. “I’d just like to remind the folks of Hathian that boots on the ground stop crime. The detectives have been working to put this guy away and we got him through sheer presence. Every officer matters and citizens should support their HPD.”  

The courageous efforts of the Officer and Detective have ensured that Montana, a serial rapist and repeat violent offender, will no longer be a menace preying on the innocent citizen’s of Hathian any longer. The streets have been rid of one more violent and vicious criminal thanks to the sharp eye and efforts of Officer Vermillion and his colleauge Detective Gutter.


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