New Information Emerges on Virus

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Quarentine Encampment

Months after a terrible virus plagued Hathian and the surrounding communities, new information has surfaced about the source of the outbreak. A shipwreck just prior to the city’s exposure was earlier found to be to blame, which its origins somewhere in the Carribean. Held within the ship were several captives believed to be part of a human trafficking ring connected to Russia, & while there’s still no specific group to be blamed, authorities point to local gang activity as to why the ship was passing through the bayou in the first place. Was it just human trafficking or drugs as well? The ship’s manifest lists a variety of illegal goods, ranging from stolen cars and pirated media to knock off designer clothes and drugs, all found within Hathian borders. As for the ship’s crew and security, we know the following: Captain Herbert Von Pelt was at the helm. A known drunk, gambler, and addict, he had several reports of accidents on his record, along with connections to human trafficking all over Europe and the Carribean.

Quarentine Encampment

As many remember, a severe storm that ravaged the coastal region had knocked the vessel over, leaving several dead on both land and sea. The survivors were taken in by Hathian General Hospital, which is said to have been the first location to be exposed, and given the amount of staff and citizens that pass through, it’s easy to see now how easily the virus was spread from there. The illness was a mutated form of small pox which had never been seen before, leaving the Center for Disease Control to scramble for a vaccination. Luckily, many were able to be treated with small pox medicine and vaccines to stave off infection and death, though deaths were reported. By all accounts, however, the virus has not been seen within city limits for some ime, and for now, citizens can rest easy.

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