The Clam: a Hotbed for Violence?

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The Clam Convenience

The citizens of Hathian have noticed police officers outside the Clam Convenience store on a daily basis. At times, the officers are there several times a day.

On the night of May 26th, 2012, a witness, who was shopping in the Clam, claimed a woman known as Ezekiel “Maria” Camilleri, began shop lifting.

Another witness stated, the clerk, Mr. Paulie Carmine Gambino, hit the woman with his bat, for no reason at all.

Mr. Gambino claimed he sustained an injuriy when Ms. Camilleri  threw her knife at him. A witness saw Mr. Gambino hit Ms. Camilleri with a bat, severely injuring her. She sustained a cracked rib and a crushed right lung.

Officer standing over victim

Two Hathian police officers arrived to the scene, and pulled a gun on Mr. Gambino after they saw his bloodied bat and Ms. Camilleri on the floor with a pool of blood collecting around her. The conflicting stories of the witnesses led the police to not know who to believe.

Police woman holding the clerk at gunpoint

Mr. Gambino was arrested on the spot and Ms. Camilleri was rushed to the Hathian General Hospital for treatment.

The Clerk handcuffed & on the way to jail



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