Masked Criminal Successfully Arrested By Officers

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A masked criminal threatens Officer Crowley
A masked criminal threatens Officer Crowley.

Officer Crowly had been patrolling the streets of Hathian before he encountered a masked figure who was holding a knife in an apparent attempt to rob The Clam, a convenience store regularly visited by many locals. The masked criminal was apprehended by the officer, who asked him to put his weapon down or face the consequences, but the criminal refused, threatening the officer instead. Witnesses to the scene say they heard him say, “Why dont you come make me put it away?” before looking as if he was about to attack the officer only to break out into a run, attempting to flee the scene. The quick thinking officer threw his baton down and it rolled towards the criminal, making him stumble and lose balance, at which point Officer Crowley pulled his tazer out and used it on the criminal known as Tony ‘Babyface’ Cordelio. Officers Jakson Pollik and Vega arrived to provide back up, and were able to cuff the man and search through his possesions. A police source was able to reveal the items in his backpack included:  gag, leather whip, blindfold, shackles as well as laptop accessories. A lockpick set was also found as well as a small crowbar, hammer, screw driver set and a face cloth amongst several other smaller items such as wires and nuts.

The masked criminal known as Tony 'Babyface'Cordelio was tazered by officers and arrested after an attempt to rob The Clam.

Officers Crowley, Pollik, and Vega took the offender to the Hathian Police station where he was arrested and detained on charges of possesion and threatening an officer. The disturbing items found in Cordelio’s backpack have been placed in posession of the police and there was no damage done to the Clam; no witnesses or bystanders were hurt, due to the quick action taken by Officer Crowley.  The HPD have been stepping up their presence on the streets and have seen an increase in recruits recently – with more visibility there seems to be an increase also in the rates of successful arrests.

Tony 'Babyface' Cordelio arrested and taken into custody by police.



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