Gruesome Murder Leaves Hathian Reeling

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A mutiliated, brutally murdered female was found nailed to the door of a house in Hathian
A mutiliated, brutally murdered female was found nailed to the door of a house in Hathian.

The locals of Hathian were left reeling in shock as the body of a young female was found nailed to the door of a house not far from the Hathian General Hospital. The body was badly mutilated and dismembered, with the woman’s hair completely shaved off. The young woman was estimated to be in her early twenties and the victim of a brutal rape and murder.

The dead girl was found nailed to the door by her hands, in the manner of a crucifixion. Her breasts had been cut off completely and shoved into her mouth, her vagina had been slashed to the extent that there was only one large hole in place of her ass and vagina, with most of her teeth missing – although some remained – as well as finger nails ripped out by force. Found slashed into her back were the words “Fear The Reaper”. ¬†This gruesome and horrifying murder, with the amount of torture and mutiliation that occured to the unidentified young woman, puts it in the place of a violent and savage murder with overtones of a mysigonistic killer. The removal of the breasts and the mutilation of the genital area and the victim’s shaved head indicating that the killer is someone who possibly holds a strong hatred of women, stripping the victim of her feminity. The body has as yet been unidentified but the fact that the victim was nailed to the door of a house in Hathian (pictured below) raises questions to whether the location holds any relevance to the murder – was it a random location or is there significance behind the address the victim was found at? There do not seem to be any residents renting out the house at present, but in the past, the house was known as a whorehouse, with pimps from gangs using it.

The house where the dead woman was found crucified to the door.

The Hathian Police Department are handling the case and were unable to comment much, stating the case is an “on-going investigation.” Although few details are known, there is a possibility that the murder is the work of an individual – the words “Fear The Reaper” may well be a clue as to the identity of the killer. Usually, gang related murders have “signatures” left on the body of their victims and this might be the work of either an individual or a gang – at the moment, it is not possible to confirm. The location – a house opposite Hathian General Hospital – may also provide the police with some clues; however, at the moment it seems police need more leads to work on in order to solve this mysterious and brutally savage murder.


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