WKRK Sits Down with Police Captain Andel

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Police Captain Andel sat down with Tommy Rutherford Live Thursday night on WKRK; if you missed, it here is the transcript for that interview.

WKRK’s Tommy Rutherford: “Good evening listeners, I’m Tommy Rutherford for WKRK. Tonight we have a very special guest. In-studio with me is Hathian Police Captain Hendrich Andel. Captain Andel, how are you tonight?”

Hendrich Andel: “Hello there.  I’m doing just great”

Tommy Rutherford: “Captain, for about a week now many of the HPD officers have been on strike. For those just tuning in, has the strike been justified? Has the point come across yet?”

Hendrich Andel: “The strike has been justified.  Despite the fact I didn’t participate in this strike, I can see why the officers decided to strike,  And it seems the strike will continue until the point does come across which is that the constant harassment and assaults on the officers in this city has to stop… immediately”

Tommy Rutherford: “Is there a give and take? It seems both sides, citizens and officers, were both complaining about their side being brutalized by the other. Is there a way to solve that? Stop the violence altogether?”

Hendrich Andel: “The Hathian Police Department has nothing to give or take.  We are out there putting our lives on the line so people can feel safe in this city.  The people of this city need to realize that and give us the respect that we deserve.  Not grabbing a weapon and attacking us on the streets calling us names such as ‘pigs’ and whatnot”

Tommy Rutherford: “We’ll be taking calls in a minute, (504) 555-WKRK ((IM me first if you want to call in)). So, Captain, it’s been a week. What’s the breaking point for the officers? Do the citizens have to apologize and beg for law again or is there something else to bring normality back?”

Hendrich Andel: “I cannot say for sure but I think the officer’s strike will be over once they feel that they can do their jobs without being harassed and assaulted.  Once the public support reaches an acceptable level, the officers will go back to patrolling and responding to non emergency calls.  That’s when the city can go back to normal… When people realize that the HPD is the law of this city… Not the gangs, not the criminals and not those businessmen”

Tommy Rutherford: “Absolutely… absolutely. And joining us in studio along with Captain Andel is what some would say is the head of the agency picking up some of the slack while HPD officers are striking, Director of the Hathian Bail Enforcement Agency, Remy Follet. Thank you for joining us.”

Tommy Rutherford: “Let’s take a call. Semour Butts… butt… buttsmick. Semour, your on with Captain Andel.”

Dawn Doomdale: *disguising her voice* Hi this is seemore buttsmick, I had a question for Hendrick, if the strike continues do the other officers get more pay and maybe the interns at the station could get pay instead of just a grade for school”

Hendrich Andel: “First off, It’s Captain Andel.  My friends call me Hendrich and my teacher used to call me Mr. Andel in high school.  You’re neither.  Anyway, the officer’s salaries have not and will not be affected by this strike.  As for interns, we tried to use them in the past with negative results.  So it’s safe to assume the city would probably decline the measure”

Dawn Doomdale: “But isnt it true you have an intern from the local college.”

Hendrich Andel: “Not to my knowledge”

Tommy Rutherford: “Hmm… sounds like someone needs to adjust their resume. Let’s go to line two… line two, Long Dong. Mr. Dong, you’re on with Captain Andel”

Jakson Polik cleared his throat, trying not to sound like himself of course “Long Dongsilver, actually…but anyway…Mr. Hendrich…I understand that your department no longer has detectives…as a citizen..I feel that it is appalling  and almost unnecessary to run a department with no investigative ability…what are your thoughts?”

Hendrich Andel: “Again, it’s Captain Andel.  To your question, the disbanding of the Detectives was not my decision but the city’s to help the budget.  I, myself, did not agree with the decision and am making every effort to bring back the division”

Jakson Polik interjected  “what efforts have you made Chief Angel?”

Hendrich Andel: “I’m not at liberty to say on here but I have been speaking to Chief Taov about reinstating some of the Detectives after the strike”

Tommy Rutherford: “So, if I can interject here, if a crime is committed that would require a detective, how is that being handled today?”

Jakson Polik mutters stuff about that being bullshit and is head in the background saying ‘hpd can i h…’ before he hangs up

Hendrich Andel: “Crimes that require further investigation will be handled by officers selected by their supervising officers”

Tommy Rutherford: “…and that sounds like supervisors are getting even more work load while still being the lowest paid in the country. Disappointing. Let’s move on with Sofia on line 3, Sofia you’re on the air.”

Sofia doesn’t bother disguising her voice or giving an alias or anything like that, she’s got a thick Hawaiian accent and that’d be a little pointless.  “Evenin’, captain.  What’s your response to the fact that it seems like violent gang activity and similar problems have gone /down/ since your officers went on strike?”  She’s honestly a little curious at that, not being malicious.  “Would you be willing to admit that the over the top response of many of your officers is a direct cause of a lot of the city’s tension, as shown by that fact?”

Hendrich Andel chuckles softly: “Well we wouldn’t need to respond if people just knew when to give up and stop resisting.  If crime and gang activity has decreased since the strike, then that is a good thing I guess”

Sofia: “Captain, I find that hard to believe given that I saw you shoot a woman in a wedding dress twice in the back just a few hours ago.  Anyhow, that’s all,” she says cheerfully and then hangs up.

Hendrich Andel: “Crimes that require further investigation will be handled by officers selected by their supervising officers”

Hendrich Andel: “I know my methods are questionable to most people in this city.  But I will not change my ways because a few people think they are excessive.  I will say this now and continue saying this: I will do what I must to protect my officers and the people of this city”

Tommy Rutherford: “Hmm… lets move on to another caller. We have Denise on Line 4, Denis you’re on.”

Denise Domela didn’t hide who she was either  and cleared her throat before she spoke up “Captain, is it standard procedure while officers are on strike to go about and burn up the civil service building and then pin the crime on an innocent citizen, how much ya pay your two clowns to do that dirty work for ya? it was you after all who put a shot gun to my face in the middle of the street last week threatening our office, if I didn’t know any better I’d say HPD is harrassing me, and why is that, because I’m the City Inspector and was doing my job?

Hendrich Andel chuckles softly as he listened: “Ah Miss Domela, the one who sticks her nose into our business.  Maybe if you knew your place and didn’t make inquiries where you shouldn’t have… Let’s say… with matters concerning the HPD. Maybe if you just tried to come speak to me professionally instead of marching in my station pretending you are *bleep* all high and mighty… Maybe we could have gotten along much better.  Do yourself a favor.  Know your place and stop harassing my officers”

Denise Domela laughed right back at him “so your admitting then on air, you were behind the motives for the two clowns to burn up the civil service building? all because I apparently don’t know my place…..do yourself a favor Andel….know who your talking too in the future as well” she clicked the phone down hanging up the call.

Tommy Rutherford: “I have to apologize to some of our listeners and especially our guest. I’d like to remind callers to be respectful, let’s stay away from personal attacks and accusations. Let’s go to line 6… Nightshade, you’re on the air.

Hendrich Andel: “I apologize Mister Rutherford, it’s been tough on me with the bombing and now this strike.  I will… try to keep my composure”

kaida Ireto: a ice cold asian voice comes over the air “hendrich andel, and i call you this as you are no captain. i have heard of horrrible things you have done this night and have seen your crimes wiht my own eyes. is it not true you shot a young women in the face with a taser some time ago? after she begged you not to? and i beleve you and your partner laughed about it as well. is this not true?”

Hendrich Andel chuckles softly: “I deny nothing as I have nothing to hide.  Like I said, I will do what I must to keep myself, my department and the people of Hathian safe.  If you don’t like it….. There’s nothing you can do about it”

Tommy Rutherford: “I have to say, it bothers me a bit to hear accusations like that and from other callers. It’s slightly appalling… and with that, we move on to line 1, Cruz. Cruz, you’re on the air.”

Cruz Shipley would scuffle around in the background before getting the phone to his ear.  “captain first of all I would like to say thank you for the service you provide the city.   Now I don’t think the fine people of this city understand the budget issue the department is facing, with the cuts and all, could you expand on that and the service cuts that have resulted.”

Hendrich Andel: “Thank you very much.  It’s good to hear some appreciation instead of accusations.  The department has been facing a lot of cuts due to the budget.  One of these cuts have been the obvious removal of our Detective Division.  Some of changes have been limited training, extended shifts and limited manpower to provide the best safety to the public.  I do hope that the city can find the proper funds so these services can be restored”

Tommy Rutherford: “Great call. I think it’s important for people to hear what is really happening inside the department because of these strains. Let’s keep going, just a few more calls… line 3, Kayla. Kayla, you’re on the air. Good evening.”

Cruz Shipley: “I have to tell you captain as a citizen of this city it is very concerning to me that there is no experienced investigators on hand to you know investigate something and that the city would just let something like this pass by the wayside, what is your department doing, or is there anything you can do”  he would just stop talking as he got cut off….

Kaynia Clary clears her throat a bit as the call was connected. “Captain Andel.  The question I present is not one of accusations, but rather, that of numbers.  I would like, if you have the information present and ready, to ask you a few numbers.  The first… How many accusations of so called violence have you personally been accused of?  Of that number.. How many accusations where from those whom have had a reported crime against them, such as assault on an officer, or other such crime?   Then I would like to ask you the number of cases that your department has solved, the people the department has helped, and the services that the HPD has rendered.  Another number I would like to ask, is the approximate count of lives the officers have been given in the line of duty to protect those same numbers that lay accusations at your feet.    If my information is anywhere near correct, the numbers are staggering.  I am sure the HPD is composed of human beings, with feelings, compassion, and yes, anger… Just like every single listener out there, yes?”

Hendrich Andel: “To answer Cruz’s question, our department is using what manpower we have to investigate those crimes that require such investigating.  When this strike has ended, I will be focusing on reestablishing the Detective Division.  I’m well aware of the need for an investigative unit of a police department and I will do my best to get the HPD one again”

Cruz Shipley would add “it would seam the same civil servents calling in to attack you are the cause of the problem” and leave it at that

Hendrich Andel: “To respond to this woman’s question as I didn’t get a name, The officers in the Hathian Police Department are human beings just like any other person.  And with that, they have feelings and have compassion.  But it is hard to show that compassion when the very public you swear to protect and serve are coming after you with knives, guns and even bombs.  If officers were shown some respect, I’m sure they were show the same respect and compassion”

Kaynia Clary smirked as she heard the voice coming through the phone.  “I thought so.  And it’s a good point made Captain.  People need to remember what you’ve just said.  Thank you”

Hendrich Andel: “No thank you.  I do hope that people listening to this will remember and understand”

Tommy Rutherford: “I think that gets lost on people, officers are people too. Great words Captain. We’re gonna be wrapping up, just a few more calls we have on hold… line 2, Shadoe who happens to be a member of FDH. Welcome to the show, Shadoe.”

Shadoe Ninetails also doesn’t disguise her voice, “Thank you Mr Rutherford. Evening Captain, I just want to say, for all the people who put you down and call you names, attack you and disrespect you, there are some of us who still appreciate you. Your officers have saved my rear end more times than I care admit when people attacked me just for doing my job as well. So I understand what your people are going through. I can speak for my department that as long as you keep having our backs we will keep having yours. We both lost someone in the bombing and people don’t think of how when you hurt or kill someone how it effects the survivors. We still have to go on living with the pain of our losses”

Hendrich Andel: “Thank you Lieutenant for your words.  It is good and refreshing to know that there are those who appreciate what the officers of the Hathian PD do.  And unfortunately, there will be some people who will disrespect me and they are more than welcome to that right.  But when the garbage hits the ceiling and we don’t respond right away then I hope that will be their wake up call.  Once again, thank you and the rest of your department Lieutenant”

Shadoe Ninetails “You are more than welcome” she then hangs up, she needed to show at least someone in this town needed the cops

Tommy Rutherford: “Let’s keep rolling… Clara… Kara. Kara, you’re on with Captain Andel.”

Dawn Doomdale: *talks in a high pitched voice* SO like hi Lieutenant, I am Kara kent and I heard a few things that are disturbing…” The audience hears a click as a song starts playing softly behind her talking (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHU9ShDPEDM )) “Is it true your rookie intern is a cheerleader and your like having in affair with her….oh yeah and I think cops are hot and sexy would you like come down to the twitty twista to you know get like a three person activity going on during the strike…I totally feel you guys are like the xmen…hated by all but still protecting the haters…..oh and since your going to be visiting Miss Domela can you like invite her to join our orgy I mean it will be great if we get some press…oh ps…I like being tasered in the action…makes me feel special”

Hendrich Andel: “Once again, there are no interns in the Hathian Police Department.  If there are officers who are cheerleaders in the department, then that is their own business and has no bearing on the matters of the Hathian Police Department.  As for my persona life, I believe I do not need to discuss that on here”

Tommy Rutherford: “Interesting… it’s good to be the Captain, I guess. Let’s go to our final caller of the night. Dustin, you’re on the air.”

Dustin Chestnut would, much like the previous ones in front of the last one, not be masking his voice. “Hello, Captain Andel. You may or may not remember me, but three weeks ago, you and your officers helped save my life. You stopped D’Wayne Marcus from getting away after having stabbed myself behind the counter of Comiquities, and arrested William Kennedy. For your fast response, I cannot thank yourself, Officer Cruz Shipley, and Officer Jakson Polik, all whom were credited in the article in the paper, enough for your efforts in protecting this city. Without your work, I would have died laying there in a pool of my own blood. There are still those of us who are around that give our full fledged support to the police, even if some whom wish to see you all fail may not like hearing those come from a citizen. Thank you, sir”

Hendrich Andel: “Thank you for your continued support for the Hathian Police Department and its fine officers.  I hope that you are fully recovered from your injuries that day.  And remember, despite the ongoing strike, the Hathian Police Department will always be there to protect and serve the city and its citizens despite how they may feel about us”

Tommy Rutherford: “What a great call to end with, thank you Dustin. That was a great call. I’d like to again thank Captain Hendrich Andel for joining us in studio tonight. Thank you for listening. I’m Tommy Rutherford and this is WKRK, Hathian.” [Music fades up]

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