Letter to the Editor: Funding

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Dear Observer,

Once again I find myself picking up your paper for God only knows why and yet again, here I am left a face desk so to speak. I had attended this, speech? Along with who knows how many other people and I’m starting to think that many are loosing some key elements or was I the only one who heard that officer claim that there was no funding for detectives? That it doesn’t go past the officers on the street? Really? REALLY?! What the hell is the city doing with all those tax dollars that most citizens pay? It certainly can not be going towards road improvements. Oh I know! It must be the schooling system. Oh wait, no can’t be that. So where is all this funding going? If you have a force that is so stretched out beyond its means, then no wonder its going to start taking justice into its own hands. Though I have been on the unfair end of some of the police attentions, I can not say that I ever faced anything that these other people claim, which then makes me wonder, what exactly did they do in the first place? As citizens of this city, maybe we should take a step back and instead of looking at the blood, look at what is causing the bleeding, and start asking questions of our mayor, the city council, and if it has to go as far, the governor. Start asking questions now, get to the bottom of it and fix it, whining and complaining, speeches, that’s not going to fix anything.


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