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Early turnout for Wednesday's City Forum
Early turnout for Wednesday's City Forum

After a night of impassioned speeches at a rare city forum, held in District 8, one prognosis is clear: the Hathian Police Department have apparently had enough. Even after a few supportive speeches, including from local business owners Valmont Marseille and Chris Devon, as well as an officer known as Nicole (ready by Officer David Gutter), it was Aeriana Correia’s listing of HPD causalities that particularly struck a cord. The list of officers lost in the line in duty is long, adding names from the recent bombing to the station. For long time residents, it’s reminiscent of the riots many years ago that saw the last department destroyed, with many hoping it doesn’t result in that again.

Valmont Marseille, owner of Val's Irish Pub, speaks at the City Forum

Not all in the crowd agreed, however. Infamous Reject Espi Hernandoz was heard calling out officers on their own crimes, shouting names like “pig”. Others were heard rumbling, as well. It’s clear that sentiment is still more negative than positive.

And as a result, drastic measures are being taken. For the immediate future, officer duty has become optional. While not all are chosing to strike, it’s safe to say the workforce will be down dramatically. Calls to 911 may not be answered. Police may arrive on scene only to keep the peace, but not make any arrests, nor file any reports for the system. Captain Hendrich Andel has remained adamant that he will still remain on duty, like a true leader, but that his officers now must do as they see fit.

HPD Officers at Wednesday's City Forum

Will Hathian, a town riddled with some of the worst criminal elements this side of the Mississippi, be able to survive without the law? Will regular citizens finally wake up and see good officers in the force do exist, or perhaps the ‘monsters’ aren’t as bad as those they arrest? Or will we lose our police force for good?

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