Lawyer Arrested In Robbery Case, Threatens HPD Budget

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High Profile Lawyer Arrested

William Kennedy, 29, one of Hathians most profilic lawyers and aspiring judge (sources say that he wishes to take part in and succeed in the next election and be instated as judge of Hathian) and who is also in charge of civil services – was arrested on charges that he paid a local gangster D’Wayne Marcus to carry out an attack on a man, who cannot be named for now. The attack is being treated as a  robbery and the victim suffered serious wounds from a stabbing before the attack was discovered and broken up by officers of the Hathian Police Department, Officer Cruz Shipley, Officer Jakson Polik, and Captain Hendrich Andel. The officers may have well saved the victim’s life, although he seemed to be severly injured in the stabbing and was rushed to Hathian General Hospital, where he was receiving treatment for his wounds.

Officers, state an anonymous source present at the scene of the crime, found D’Wayne in a bloodied shirt with a knife standing over the victim, alongside William Kennedy, also present at the scene of the crime. Both were instructed to kneel by the officers who had pulled up after being tipped by a witness to the crime that an attack was taking place. The two complied, but D’Wayne Marcus having second thoughts, on being told to lay flat on the ground, raised himself up, charging at the officers with his knife in hand, attempting to wound the officers and escape. Police were forced to fire at the assailiant and wounded him – possibly in the chest – and subdued him. While being attended to by the EMS who were also treating the victim, D’Wayne Marcus confessed to attempting to carry out armed robbery on the victim, and that William Kennedy had provided him with cash, which was found in a bloodied suitcase belonging to Kennedy upon search as well as turning up a key to D’Wayne Marcus’s apartment. The two were taken away under police custody.

The witness states that William Kennedy threatened to cut Hathian’s PD  budget in half if not released immediately and issued other threats when faced with the charges brought against him. The charges also depend on whether the victim survives – if not, then a murder charge could also be issued to the lawyer. It is not known why the lawyer wished to rob the wounded victim and what he was after, but police are now trying to find out some answers in this scandalous case which has rocked the city with the unexpected and highly controversial details involving the well connected lawyer and his criminal accomplice. If the lawyer is found guilty of these charges, his career will be in ruins and he will have disgraced himself and face a lengthy jail sentence.

Well connected and important, Kennedy is being interrogated by officers.


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