City Council Deliberates the Budget Crisis

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Contributing Writer: Lance Carona

March 22, 2012

In Downtown Metro 8 District, City Council finally deliberated on several new ordinances to be included into Hathian County. The following have been released on official letter head, the approved resolution given from the Office of Civil Services:

Office of City Council

Finished Session: 10:04am, March 22, 2012

Initiative and Resolution Package

During the Economic relapse of the housing market crash of 2007, Federal and State wide Recession of 2008, and DP Deep water spill of 2010 has had certain effects on Small/Middle-town, Louisiana. With the budget originally at at astronomical -17.6% starting from the Katrina Crisis, Hathian has seen it share of difficult times. Given the initiatives in place from these incidents (I.E. Ordinance Gein10, Appointment of City Staff, Public work initiatives, ETC) Hathians Deficit has been coming around since the original decline. With the Current projections, it is recommend that we consider additional initiatives to improve public works and tax allocation.


City Light/Signage Tax: Amenity tax for public service provided to the community.

Community Redevelopment Trust Fund (CRTF): Increase budget allocation by 7% for “Tax Increment” dollars to be used for residential and commercial neighborhood improvements, Including road resurfacing and traffic calming devices; streetscaping and signage; cultural and historical facilities; parks and recreation projects; commercial parking facilities development; housing incentives; business Incentives (Sign, facade, and renovation grants; and land acquisition.

Reclaimed Water Project: Increase hydro facility output of recycled water to cut utility cost of water for the city.

Revision to Montomogomery Tax break: Amend the original provision of 4.2% to 7.4% for business owners on public taxation

Motion was passed under two thirds vote of all present city council members. Resolution to take effect beginning April 1st, 2012 with the release of the City budget.


Hathian City Council

*OFFICIAL SEAL*- Faith, Hope, Survival

The purposed motion have some impact to the City of Hathian at large. The City/Signage Tax is only small increase to public spending, and is a standard increase that we, the tax payers, can afford to tack on. The CRTF is also a benefit for the community due the many economical and property decline since Hurricane Karina. With increase allocation, City Workers would be able to focus on proper city maintenance and other projects.

Reclaimed water, however, is a concern that should be considered. Since the Great Storm of 2010 & soon after, BP oil spill, the city was forced to increase it cost on outsourced water amenities, costing the city millions in the budget and city projects. The proposed motion is to redo our recycling projects to boost city output. While this reporter acknowledges that it is truly a humanitarian project, the citizens at large should be filing a motion to the Director of Civil Services for an Environmental Impact report, since we don’t know still fully the long term extent of the contamination of the oil spill that ran into the Gulf.

Finally, the revision of the Montomogomery Tax Break. This motion was filled back in 2004 by former Councilman Ryan Montomogomery to provide Hathian business owners additional breaks before the economical boom. Of course, the Council was later discredited and shortly after incarcerated after it was found by a investigation by the Hathian Police Department that he had several investment stakes with local owners and pseudo racketeering fronts being preformed on the Red Light district. This approved motion still give the owners a tax break, but of only .4%. This greatly effects the city with increased allocation, however greatly effects business owner profit margins from living of the “Hind Teeth”, as local residents would refer to it.

The Office of Civil Services has been currently going under several revisions to its staff, and the proposed motions see to be making waves amongst the community at large. The Observer will continue to give the citizens coverage of the City Budget Crisis and the ordinances being released to combat it.

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