Angry Cop Pulls Gun on Citizen of Hathian

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Cop Has Showdown With Citizen In Bar
Cop Has Showdown With Citizen In Bar

 An explosive argument between a bartender and an officer of the law, Sora Senizen, 33, lead to a dramatic turn of events when Senizen, enraged by provocative remarks made about the Hathian Police Department, pulled out a gun, a Beretta and aimed it at a citizen in the Titty Twister Bar, in Hathian.

The bar had several customers at the time of the incident, witnesses who felt pressed to call the HPD – but with little luck as no other police showed during and after the incident -and one source, known to the journalist as R.R., recalled “He was just bitter from the start, drinking, talking up a storm when he saw some anti HPD signs in the bar, he was all about how ungrateful the citizens were and how messed up the bombing was, like because he lost a few of his buddies or whatever. That stuff is just so lame, look at how the police didn’t even turn up when this got out of hand and he thinks we should be grateful to him and his friends for raping and beating citizens or somethin’ like that.”   The bartender tried to calm the cop down to no avail as he kept up a heated diatribe against the citizens of Hathian.

 Several witnesses saw the cop, who was off duty at the time apparently, throw a glass against the wall and as it smashed, a concerned employee raced out to see what was going on, getting involved in the argument which quickly spiralled out of control and turned into a showdown with the cop pulling out a gun on the employee who was in charge of security at the bar. “He was yelling and cursing about how ungrateful the citizens of Hathian are and suddenly pulled out a gun, he’d been drinking since he arrived in the bar so i’m guessing he was pretty drunk by the time he pulled out the gun.” recounted R.R as she watched the argument turn violent before her very eyes. The employee who had confronted the cop before he pulled the gun out had heard the argument between the bartender and stepped in, in order to keep the peace and control the disturbance. Senizen was apparently out of control, enraged and keeping up the commotion, pulling out a gun and turning it on her when she interfered.  She in turn pulled out a weapon – believed to be razor blades – and in self defense and in an attempt to disarm him, launched herself at him, slashing him along the arm, causing him to drop his gun to his side. At the same time, that the employee was launching herself at the officer, the cop’s wife rushed into the bar, having witnessed some of the argument unfolding, hearing the commotion she stepped in as the brave employee managed to disarm him momentarily, allowing her to calm her angry, drunken husband and once he was subdued, lead him out of the bar.

The employee – who works at the bar as a bouncer – had in the meantime stepped back as soon as Sora Senizen’s wife arrived and subdued him – the bouncer  indicating she did not wish to harm the officer but had felt it neccessary to disarm the cop who was off duty at the time. When interviewed she had this to say: “Nobody is above the law and it was within my right to defend myself from being shot at, it doesn’t matter that he was a cop, he was off duty and just because he’s a cop doesn’t give him the right to go around attacking innocent civilians and employees of Hathian. I work here-as a bouncer. My first priority was to make sure that my workplace was safe and that customers would not get hurt. That is why I did what I did. I don’t regret it and would do it again.” She wishes to remain anonymous which is understandable given that any publicity may cause trouble for her with the HPD who are prone to looking out for “one of their own.”

Several witnesses to the scene attempted to contact the emergency service but as stated earlier, none arrived. Given the lack of interest and motivation to investigate this serious offence by one of their own force, citizens seem to have right on their side when they complain about the corruption in the police force and the brutal behaviour by some of the HPD. Certainly this was a display of  some of the behaviour which inspired the  HPD protest and subsequent events such as the bombing and destruction on that day.

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