Citizen Duress Causes Bombing

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Hathian Life is realised in hard truth
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Contributing Writer: Lance Carona

March 21st, 2012

It is during the aftermath of tragedy and unrest on a city level do we find ourselves questioning the morality of Hathian municipal workers, and the politicians who are charged with making sure the Watchmen are being “watched”. several citizens and officers were rushed by Fire Department of Hathian responders to Hathian General Hospital on March 19, after the bombing at the Hathian Police Department. Another public protest. Another mass of casualties of a ever boiling crime wave hitting the streets of the city like a pot boiling past point.

However the true casualty in this according to Criminal Defense Lawyer William H. Kennedy “is the welfare of Hathians citizens, the pockets of its tax payers, and the diminishing humanity of its victims”. William Kennedy, a prominent trial lawyer and City Inspector in Hathian for some time,  has taken the duty of defending Sofia Keolanui against charges of assaulting a officer, resisting arrest, and citing civil unrest.

Kennedy argues that Keolanui actions were a product of Duress. “Ms. Keolanui is a respected private citizen. Deep rooted in the history of the city as a former business owner and social advocate. Her declining behavior is in response to the negligence of the police at large who do not advocate proper force application or adherence to Louisiana State Code of Conduct.  She and several of her acquaintances have been harassed and recipients of unlawful prejudice on numerous times.”

The Observer has reported on several occasions the accusations of misconduct and negligence of the Hathian Police Department, which Kennedy mentions to further his explanation. “My firm sees on a regular basis improper reporting and certain facts missing. Why is it when these “criminals” are arrested, they receive worse inflected upon wounds then received. Why is it the reporting officers don’t report the method of which they subdued the suspect? Why is it some officers even fail to mention the unwarranted stops and checks when there is no probable cause or suspicion of mischief? When these honest and hard working people are put into a world of constant torment and exertion, there is a psychological and chemical change happening? They are becoming fatigued, And I am referring to both physical and mental fatigue. It like my father use to say, keep hitting a dog for no good reason, don’t question the day when that dog bites your hand off.”

What Kennedy is referring to is outrageous government conduct, which is a criminal defense that presupposes the defendant’s predisposition to commit the crime, but seeks dismissal of the indictment on the ground that the conduct of law enforcement agents was “so outrageous that due process principles would absolutely bar the government from invoking judicial process to obtain a conviction.”

Kennedy further adds “the Case of Sofia is rather one sided to the argument. Where once you had a young woman with everything going for her, you now have a violent and near pathological attacker. She chose not to be a victim anymore. While it is a crime, and she had committed it, the government and the state has the to prove without a reasonable doubt that she was not justified.” The attorney paused then to make his next point clear, “and if you are telling me that she was not justified, then truly you are blind to the world which is around us.”

One thing is certain. The pattern has not changed. Innocent people are doing extreme things. Who can explain that?

Hathian Life is realised in hard truth



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