Mental Patient Enjoys Happy Hour At Lou’s Bar

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Mental Patient Subdued By Police
Police Tazer Mental Patient
Mental Patient Subdued By Police
Police Tazer Mental Patient After Struggle Ensues

Lou’s Bar was the scene of yet another bizarre  drama which ended in a struggle and with an escaped mentally ill patient being tazered and detained by the Hathian Police Department.  The unknown but mentally unstable girl had escaped from the pysch ward from the hospital in Hathian and been able to enter Lou’s Bar, dressed in a strait jacket and covered in scars and little else. It was reported by eyewitnesses who were patrons of Lou’s bar at the time that she ordered a drink-even though drinking would have been a hard task given the strait jacket she was wearing- and talked maniacally, disturbing customers and finally fleeing into the basement of Lou’s Bar, where Serenity Aeon, the bartender at the time, struggled to restrain her with the help of an unidentified male and female. The bartender then made sure the police were called but heard or saw nothing of the HPD’s officers of the law for at least an hour, suffering an injury when the mental patient struggled to get free and lashed out at the bartender and those around her, before running back upstairs  to “terrorize” the patrons.

“She was yelling, shrieking and making all kinds of strange sounds, talking about how the ‘Shadow People’ were after her.” An eyewitness recalled as she watched the drama unfolding before police eventually turned up, “she cleared the whole bar out by that time, terrorizing everyone.” adds the eyewitness before the cops pulled out a tazer and used it on the mentally ill young woman, stopping her from causing farther disturbance.

The young woman was then taken away by paramedics into an ambulance, where she was driven back to the pysch ward. It is unclear how she escaped in the first place but questions are raised as to how secure these hospitals are and whether they should be stepping up security in face of these embarassing mistakes. Fortunately no one was hurt during her time at the bar but who is to say it could not have been worse? Police were called repeatedly by up to three different people who were at the bar at the time but only arrived an hour later. The HPD should count themselves lucky things did not turn out worse.


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