New Drug Strain Increases Drug Dealer’s Profits

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A new strain of drugs has hit the streets of Hathian, which is increasing the already rampant drug use in the city. The new drug is cheaper, but has much more powerful effects, and has been apparently distributed by one particular shadowy figure who seems to have arrived recently  as the war between dealers has broken out and intensified  with shootings apparently over corners, the turf of the drug kingpins. Hathian police are already overstretched with their squads tackling murders, shootings, armed robberies, and sexual assaults, many working overtime to be able to tackle the drug problem in the city. This has meant that here has been a sharp rise in the sale of illegal drug with the focus off of narcotics.

A certain anonymous source told me that “everyone in Hathian has easy access to drugs, but with this new strain there will be more customers, this stuff is addictive and it’s cheaper then the stuff that’s out there at the moment. It’s gonna make problems for the other dealers when they can’t shift their product.”  The source also added that the drugs in question were “weed laced with crack or heroin mixed in with other chemicals to make them ten times more powerful as well as the purest coke on the block and best strain of opium out there.”

Neighborhood Drug Den
Drug Dens such as this one have seen the arrival of the new strain which has users hooked.

Police have not been successful at lowering the trade in narcotics on the streets and the recent arrival of a new strain and an ambitious dealer  will mean we will have to get used to seeing even more illicit business in our bars, parks, clubs and by the waterfront. The only information the police have been able to find on the new player in the drug scene is that he is a caucasian male who has been witnessed by several members of the public in a recent violent drug dispute  although when questioned, citizens are reluctant to say more and are too afraid of being targeted by the dealer – who may also have a gang behind him –  to say more.  And with little police protection or effort to crack down on drug crime who can blame them for their reluctance to speak out?

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