Reapers Explode into Gang Scene

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Friday afternoon was the scene of a second horrific bombing on the pier near North Shore Drive and Bourbon Street.

Shortly after the bomb detonated.

An unidentified male was found with explosives at the end of the pier after someone anonymously called 911, stating the man was injured and hurt. When the emergency response team arrived, the man claimed a gang called the Reapers were behind this, only to have the explosives detonate moments later, instantly killing him.

Two officers and four EMTs were caught in the blast and subsequently injured, though no major damage was reported. Officials say another note, just like the last explosion, was found before detonation, threatening the Hathian Police Department and Lieutenant Stonenage.

The suspects, the Reapers, are assumed to be behind the previous bombing as well, which also resulted in a murder.

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