Captain Carver Sets It Straight

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I sat down with Hathian Police Department Captain Dax Carver today at the Observer office, to talk about an article that was printed in the Observer after Mardi Gras. Captain Carver wanted to set the record straight with the City of Hathian about the secret witness who claims the events at the festivities involving the HPD were not at all correct. The following is the interview with the Captain.



Hathian Observer: “How can I help you today?”
Captain Dax Carver: “Evenin’ I’m Captain Carver… came on by to see if ya’ll wanted to get the truthful account of what exactly happened during Mardi Gras.I feel its important that the citizens get a real understanding of what went on that night.”

HO:  “So tell me your side of the events that night Captain.”

CDC: “Being the HPD being accused of misconduct, and thinks like that isn’t uncommon, but what most dont notice is that generally those complaints are completely unfounded. Lots of them are also brought up by people who have a bone to pick with us because they are criminals, and we arrested them, doing our job, and keeping the citizens safe. Now, i know who your secret witness is, because I was there also, and I can tell you that they have an extensive criminal record, and has assaulted the police before. Despite that, here I am, a representative of the department, smiling, and happy to have my name and the official account of that evening put on record.”

HO: “So why did you guys get called down there in the first place?”

CDC: “We never were called down there. Its a large special event in town, we always provide a police presence to keep things civil. A strong officer presence generally goes a long way to keeping things fun for everyone. Your witness said that we appeared there, and once the incident began we blockaded the road. Thats not at all correct, that one block of Bourbon street was closed by the police to provide a safe environment for everyone. Keeping vehicles out of the area lets everyone at the celebration spread out into the streets, without having to fear about being hit by a car, or being arrested for stopping traffic. Its common sense really.”

HO: “While down there , what was the biggest issue people were causing?”

CDC: “A lot of people are not familiar with how the police operate, which is really what leads to a lot of these false accusations. Anyway, for the most part there we no issues, in fact until that final incident we did not receive a call for service anywhere in town, no distress calls at the party, we made no arrests, and wrote no citations. It was a very nice fun gathering for all. Then directly in front of TT’s, there were some people who are known to have criminal records, they had caused no problems, so of course we left them alone. What appeared to be a scuffle started between some of them, and when officers went to intervene, they became evasive about the situation, and tried to keep the Police out of it. Of course, that only makes things more volatile, and suspicious, at that point we were forced by policy, and our duty to the city to take action to prevent further problems.”

HO: “Ok how about the false accusations in the newspaper about the Chief and Detective Senizen?”

CDC: “Well that accusation isn’t exactly false, they did exactly what was said, however not for the reasons that were said. In a situation with large scale civil un-rest like we had, its policy for us to prepare to use riot control measures. That night it included wearing gas masks, and deploying several types of less than lethal tools we have available. At no point was any lethal weapon drawn or used that night. Your witness was one of the people involved in the fight that started all of this. Her response to police involvement was to move toward Chief Andel, Sergeant Senizen, and myself, all while ignoring commands to stop and disperse. As i said, this is someone with a history of assaulting police. When she continued to refuse to follow verbal orders, for our own safety, Sergeant Senizen fired a bean bag round at her chest. In the end it’ll leave no more than a bruise, and is a much better alternative to using our batons, or having to draw our firearms.”

HO: “So Captain, did you want to reveal the secret witness?”

CDC: “I figured that was coming. There is no need for it, and the fact that she wont release her name or any of her info for that matter, should really go to show the people of this city how inaccurate her account is. If she were telling the truth there would be no reason for her to hide, especially since we already know who she is, she was standing in front of us after all.”

HO: “Is there anything else you would like to add?”

CDC: “I just want to say that its unfortunate that a small number of degenerates can ruin a fine evening for everyone. As the police we do have to take measures that can appear harsh, but are within our policies, and state law. Chief Andel is a very proactive chief, and always combating criminals. I personally oversee both the patrol and detective divisions, and I can say we have some of the most hard working and dedicated officers around. Every citizen should feel safe in this town, their home, and never a need to hesitate to call us if they need help. A small group of hardened criminals recent have gotten the ear of the media, and have been using it to try to cut down trust in the HPD, and even try to stop our mission of protecting this town. To all the good citizens I say, don’t play into it, these criminals are only doing this to make this town an easier target for their crimes. Dont let yourself or your loved ones become a victim. Call the HPD, let us help, come to the station, and report your crimes. We can take the town back from the gangs and the drugs, but we need everyones help. Thats all I have to say, really.”


And there you have it. Captain Dax Carver’s account of the events on Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras evening.

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