Bakery Manager Taken into Custody Pending Multiple Murder Charges

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A happy ending to a sad reality? Tonight, the Hathian Police Department arrested a woman for the charges of First degree Murder. The suspect currently being held by HPD for not one, but two charges of first degree murder is none other then local manager of Berthier Street Bakery, Aizzel Beck.

Would you like a little death in your cupcakes?

Reports show that Aizzel murdered her first victim on September 12, 2011, a Kaynia Clary. The Detective working the case, Bliour Michaels, advised that Clary’s autopsy reports showed a series of grotesque injuries and signs of torture that included the following: a shattered jaw, her heart and gall bladder removed, her kidneys and lungs switched places, and both breasts cut and pulled off, along with drilled holes through her elbows. However, that apparently was not all…

Aizzel’s second victim was reported deceased on February 12, 2012, with similar types of injuries, according to Michaels. The second victim, Dixie Normus, died from blood loss, but also had her nipples removed as well as holes drilled into her ankles and wrists, along with several other equally as disturbing signs of torture.

Finally after months, and days, both families of the victims can sit and rest, knowing that their precious loved ones murderer was taken into custody. But will the rest last long? Michaels states, “There is nothing worse than someone who take’s someone else’s life.. not only that, but someone who thinks they can get away with it.” It was overheard in an interview tape that Aizzel stated the following, “I’ll still get out, plan my wedding, and go about like I always have been.” Michaels added, “I am stepping out and letting the community know about these heinous crimes, so that they can be stopped. No one should be allowed to get away with murder, especially like Aizzel thinks she can. Apparently her victims were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Who’s to say who will be next as long as she walks free.”

Hathian Police Department representatives advised they can only hold Aizzel for so long, and if that someone comes to post her bail of $100,000 she could be released. It lies in the hands of the Hathian Municipal Courts now to bring the killer to justice.

Does this mean that those that go to Berthier will become the next victim of torture under Aizzel’s hands? What will the court office do? Will the District Attorney step up to try and bring this kind of crime to a stop by working to prosecute for longer sentences or even the death penalty? If someone who murdered these kind of people in this way can walk the streets, will the citizens of Hathian ever truly be safe?

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