Cops and Robbers

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Lately, a small issue has been growing into a large problem.   In the photo above you see the famous Hathian Japanese eatery Super Chopsticks.  Chopsticks staff and customers fell to the most recent string of robberies to fire up in Hathian.

It all started on Bourbun Street, where witnesses claim they saw a large group, mainly dressed in green, approach in a hostile manner demanding money or valuables.   Three of these cases were reported on Bourbon while two of the three ended with victims with knife wounds or bruising.

Another robbery occured at the Pie Hole pizza parlor and of witness/victim’s description of the suspect one stood out: a tall tan man decorated with a full maze-like tattoo.   By other witnesses descriptions, this man seems to have been in most if not all of these robberies.

Bourbon has now become  hotspot for this crime path and Hathian can only wait and watch as HPD attempts to put this down.

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