Sky Falls on Hathian

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The smoke was so thick that nearby residents were forced to evacuate.

Vodou was the scene of another terrifying fire on the 11th when a rouge piece of space junk came crashing into the residential suburb shortly after two in the afternoon.

The debris, alleged to be from the Russian probe that was falling back to Earth a few days ago, went through the roof of a two storey home on Vodou-Leavue Drive before colliding into the ground, yards away from surrounding homes. A small explosion occurred when the probe ran through the gas powered stove, causing a large blaze to erupt almost instantly.

“It sounded like a freight train,” recalls Valena Dowe, who lives across the street from the scene and was being visited by Greenlee Morrisey. “When we looked outside and saw how high the flames already were, we called 911 and ran over.”

Luckily, no one was in the house when the impact occurred, but one of the residents, Theo Johnson, was in the yard with his dog during the accident. He was pulled out of the smoldering smoke by Dowe and her boyfriend, Thomas Shepherd.

The FDH arrived, and immediately started tackling he blaze, but to no avail. During the chaos, Callista Kharg was somehow injured, and suffered a broken arm, leg, multiple broken ribs, and a fractured skull.

Johnson’s injuries were horrific, but the quick reactions of the neighbours that called 911 and EMTs most likely saved his life. He suffered 2nd degree burns over 35% of his body, 3rd degree burns on a large portion of his back, extensive blood loss, and smoke inhalation. His dog, however, was killed instantly.

The house was almost completely destroyed. Much of the second floor collapsed, and a great deal of the roof was damaged beyond repair. What wasn’t ruined from the probe crashing through it, was most likely destroyed by the intense inferno that engulfed the building.

“I have no idea how anyone could survive that horrible disaster,”  says Morrisey, gaze still stuck on the smoldering wreckage. “And the worst part of it all?  Whatever that is killed a dog! A poor, innocent dog! Whoever’s crap that is will so rot in hell just for that alone.”

The cause of Callista Kharg's injuries are unknown at this point, but doctor's expect her to make a full recovery.

As everyone was transported to the HGH for emergency care, the fire slowly burned itself out, and the investigation of the accident began. Until then, it wasn’t known that flying space debris was the cause of the accident, let alone a piece of a Russian space probe.

“I didn’t know what it was until I scraped off a good bit of char, and found Russian writing,” states emergency responder, Coyoti Kharg. “If this was part of that Russian probe the Observer mentioned the other day, it was way off course.  I personally think it was a Russian terrorist attack. FDH doesn’t share my observation.”

The Department of Defense was notified of the accident, and government officials swarmed the area nearly six hours later. They maintain that the mathematical projection of the downed craft was highly flawed, which supposedly accounts for it being hundreds of miles off its originally assumed crash site. They refuse to comment about the idea of a possible terrorist attack.

Johnson now rests in hospital after falling into a coma due to severe blood loss. Doctors are hopeful he will wake up soon, and though his condition remains life threatening. Kharg is also in hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

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