Public Protest Against Police Brutality

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HPD Captain, Hendrich Andel
HPD Chief, Hendrich Andel


In recent weeks, news of police brutality has never been so… well, brutal. News reports have surfaced from prisoners and Hathian citizens alike who claim to have been beaten, raped, brutalized, denied basic human rights, been sexually molested, illegally detained and in some of the more horrific cases, unborn babies have been purposefully slaughtered.

As a result of this rash of violence, the general attitude toward the HPD is at an all time low, with ordinary citizens fearful to dial 911 just in case the boys in blue turn out to be even worse than their attackers, and others spitting at or flipping off police cruisers as they patrol. Several HPD cruisers have been vandalized when left at public venues, marked with the words ‘baby killers’ or ‘rapist pigs’.

With the mayor lifting the gun-ban that has been in place in Hathian for a number of years, now many Hathian citizens are legally armed and prepared to fight back. “If I see one of those baby-killing assholes within shouting distance of my home or my children,” quoted one Hathian resident who did not wish to be identified, “I’ll blow their brains out.”

Rumors abound that a public protest will be held outside of the HPD sometime in the next few weeks although details on this specific event have been kept somewhat vague, “for our own protection,” cited one anonymous protest organizer.

“Isn’t Hathian bad enough?” lamented one Hathian citizen. “If we cannot even call the police when we are in danger for fear of reaping even greater repercussions from the people sworn to protect us, then it’s going to get even worse.”

The HPD have been cited in times past for violent or questionable behavior, such as denying prisoners phone calls, food, clean clothing, or making them fight each other for a chance at freedom. The HPD has been deemed responsible for riots, public beatings, illegal search and seizure, and ignoring state-enforced police protocol, failing to secure proper warrants or executing legal standards.

Hathian has the lowest national conviction rate in large part thanks to improper warrants, violation of prisoner rights and other such behaviors that allow for cases to be thrown out of court. In conjunction with failure to comply with attorneys, the D.A. or state law, alongside bribery and corruption, the HPD is fast becoming a target for public retaliation.

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