Political Pressure in Attempted Murder

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Jamie Jones; Left for Dead
Jamie Jones; Left for Dead

It was just after midnight Saturday morning when a local Hathian resident dialed 911 to report a body in the water. The body turned out to be still alive… barely and was quickly identified as former Hathian District Attorney, Jamison Amanda-Grace Jones; the only child of infamous Supreme Court Justice, Kedderick Jones and recent wife to Connecticut state Congressman, Richard William Huntington III.

Jones, 27 came to Hathian several years ago and worked her way up the prosecuting food chain in short order with the single-minded goal of increasing the conviction rate in Hathian. Jones had a promising run as D.A. but shocked everyone when she abruptly retired mid-term and returned to Connecticut last year.

Jones married just a few short months ago in an elaborate society wedding to Senator-hopeful, Richard Huntington who in conjunction with Jamison’s father, the Honorable Kedderick Jones, have offered a $50,000.00 cash reward for information leading the conviction of Jamison’s attacker.

Jones reportedly turned up in Hathian a few weeks ago to visit friends. She had maintained contact with her husband up until mid-last week.

Jones was rushed to Hathian General Hospital in critical condition suffering signs of torture and a single gunshot wound to the head. Representatives of the Jones/Huntington families have flown in a world-renowned neurosurgeon to oversee Jamison’s care which is complicated by her pregnancy. Richard and Jamison were looking forward to the birth of their child this spring and sent out a press release to announce her pregnancy in late December.

Jones remains in the HGH ICU in critical condition. She is reportedly comatose and breathing with assistance, but does show signs of higher brain function. However, doctors are remaining conservative and guarded on the long-term prognosis for both Jamison and her unborn child, reportedly expected to be a boy. At this time, Jones is only 21 weeks pregnant, the baby will not be viable for 3-5 more weeks and even then would be dangerously premature.

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