Raid on Rader Rave

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Kat Harper-Keahi shortly before her arrest after a failed attempt to escape the raid.

Late Sunday night, the police, most donned in full riot gear including shields and batons, stormed an empty underground parking lot near Lou’s Bar where an illegal rave, full of designer street drugs, was taking place.

The rave, allegedly held by Rader Records, which has a well known history of seedy drug dealings and other illegal activities at the hands of the Lower 9th Rejects, was swarmed by half a dozen police shortly after 8:30 at night, all under the command of the seldom seen Chief Nadir Taov, who reportedly called for any Reject to be the focus of their combined efforts.

“We had an objective and we met it,” reports Chief Taov after the successful raid. “We took wanted thugs off the streets of Hathian and the fine officers of the HPD will continue to ensure safety. At whatever cost.”

The party was estimated to have contained around fifteen individuals, with twelve arrests being made, including that of Kat Harper-Keahi and known Reject member Piper McAuley (formerly Rewell).

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