Rent-free housing scheme takes Hathian by storm

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In a period where all of us in Hathian know of someone struggling to get themselves off the streets and onto the housing ladder, it seems that the times really are conspiring against those unfortunate enough to not have a stable home. However, light is at the end of the tunnel for Hathian’s destitute, in the shape of local business tycoon, Kane ‘Eight Ball’ Daffyd.

Mr Daffyd, 30, has recently added a housing scheme to his list of businesses, which in recent years has included pro bono medical care, modelling and debt consolidation services. KD Homes, based in Vodou, offers high quality accomodation to females classified as unemployed, on low income or receiving state benfits. Mr Daffyd, who brainstormed the scheme at a time when himself was looking for a new home, described the rationale behind it…

“There is no getting away from the fact that Hathian is a dangerous place for female folk, and with the winter closing in there is a tendency for young women to be tempted to seek solace with strangers, be forced into unsavoury professions or sleep on the streets, and this simply is not safe. So this scheme offers Hathian’s women rent-free accomodation, with no pressure to go to needless ends to meet rent arrears. I feel this is the way forward, and should be given backing by Hathian’s tenancy commitee. Housing opportunities in the city are at an all-time low. After all, safety is a basic commodity and is a right, not a luxury!”

Mr Daffyd would not be drawn on speculation that he may stand as an independent candidate in this year’s mayoral elections, dismissing the claims as ‘mere conjecture’.

Women wishing to enroll in the free housing scheme should contact Kane ‘Eight Ball’ Daffyd (kane.daffyd) on 555-3212. All placings are subject to production of valid social security documents and proof of low income or unemplyment status.

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