Charity Christmas Ball

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Dr. Callista Kharg and her husband Coyoti Kharg, owners of the Howling at the Moon Fitness Center is holding a Charity Christmas Ball on December the 11th at 6 p.m. (SLT). Donations and money that the Christmas Ball raises will be given toward the Research of Mental Diseases. Such diseases include Schizophrenia. When asked why the couple chose to raise money for this particular cause Dr. Kharg commented.

“It is a disease that is very close to home.”

When questioned further, Dr. Kharg politely declined comment on it.

The Charity Ball will  help bring awareness to the diseases, the battles that people undergo, and hopefully raise some money toward the Research Foundation. Tickets will be sold at the Fitness Center for entry and dinner. There will be dancing, music and champagne available for the guests. The ball is going to be held at the Southern Rose in Vodou. For further questions or if anyone would like to volunteer please contact Dr. Kharg at xxx-xxx-xxx. ((IM Callista Reyes))

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