Citizens Press on Without Power as Storm Rages

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As many in Hathian & the surrounding townships are already aware, power grids across the county are without power today. According to city services, lightening struck a transformer in the downtown area of District 8, causing a massive surge & minor explosion. No other damage was reported, as the torrential rains quickly siffoned any fire that might’ve ensued. Authorities have asked that citizens not take matters into their own hands; home electricity generators are highly dangerous, and should not be brought indoors. The fumes can become deadly. They also advise against going out onto the water at this time, as the Louisana Port Authority works to safely bring in ships stranded out in the gulf.

Will this weather let up anytime soon? Wentworth the Weatherman has hope. “Oh, we’ve seen a pretty wave of water in many of our lifetimes here in Hathian, but this? This is just a little sprinkle, ain’t it?” he reported on the evening news from outside Dallas, TX, just minutes before power was cut in Hathian.

Local commerce is urged to contact the Observer with updates on their available services & report any damage.

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