Woman Appeals to Have Sinclair Released

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Kenny Sinclair, who was arrested earlier last November, now has help making an appeal from his sister, Kitty Sinclair, who manages the Master Bates Inn.

The sister of the Vodou Arsonist, Kitty Sinclair, has started an appeal to have her 18 year old brother, Kenny Sinclair, who is currently in The Louisiana State Penitentiary, released from jail, saying that police arrested the wrong person.

Sinclair, who was arrested earlier this November after being brought to the station by a vigilante, is not even a week into a ten year sentence he received for the arson fires that occurred from October to November of this year. He was hit with three counts of second degree arson, three counts of vandalism, and even domestic terrorism for the crimes, and given extra time for the injuries that one firefighter received while responding to one of the fires.

No photographic or video evidence was ever found to link Sinclair to the crimes, though sparse amounts of DNA were located on a can of spray paint that was found at one of the blazes. This, says Kitty Sinclair, proves that her brother was been wrongfully accused of lighting the fires and burning down the three buildings.

“He may have painted those giant dicks on the walls, but he didn’t start no fires,” she assures, quickly jumping to defend her sibling. “It ain’t fair that they pin charges on my Kenny when they’re just guessing!”

The appeal process is currently underway, and given the less than reputable history of jury selection in Hathian, Sinclair remains confident that her brother will be released from jail and returned to her and the rest of their family by the new year.

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