Arsonist Caught, Sentenced

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Earlier this week, the serial arsonist that’s been running rampant on the streets of Hathian was finally caught after his third destructive fire in the span of three weeks.

Kenny Sinclair, 18 year old brother of the Master Bates Inn manager Kitty Sinclair, was apprehended by a vigilante at 2AM on November 5th, four days after his last fire, and brought to the HPD shortly after his capture. The vigilante’s identity is unknown at this time.

Sinclair was charged with three counts of second degree arson for the wilful destruction of three buildings on October 16th, October 27th, and November 1st, possession of a control substance, three counts of vandalism for the graffiti, and domestic terrorism.

“We’re glad we have the guy off the streets,” says Detective Sora Senizen, lead detective on the case and arresting officer after the vigilante brought Sinclair in. “Criminal activities will not be tolerated with in the city limits. I hope everyone uses this as a warning. We will find criminals, no matter who they are.”

Kenny Sinclair, aged 18, was charged with three counts of second degree arson for the Vodou fires that occured from mid October to early November.

His trial was held on November 7th, and was rather uneventful compared to the most recent and outrageous trial in Hathian’s history, the Headless Harvester trial.

Sinclair, who was reportedly only restrained with handcuffs, jumped out of his chair at one of the witnesses while they were giving their testimony, but was promptly tackled by the bailiffs and removed from the courtroom, reportedly shouting, “My pussycat’s going to get you!” The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous to avoid possible retaliation from Sinclair’s family, was thankfully unharmed, though mentally shaken because of the incident.

The jury quickly came back with a guilty verdict after only two hours of deliberation. The presiding judge handed down the punishment of ten years in The Louisiana State Penitentiary, America’s largest maximum security penitentiary which is also known as the ‘Alcatraz of the South’, with the possibility of parole after eight years, earlier depending on good behaviour.

Time was also added to his sentence because of the injuries Callista Kharg, probationary Emergency Medical Technitian (EMT) of the Hathian Fire Department, suffered as a result of his actions. She fell through the roof of the Republic-Mazzigatti residence trying to fight the arson blaze on October 27th.

Sinclair will be transported to LSP on November 12th and will credited with time already served while he stayed in the Hathian police station.

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