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For the past few weeks, Hathianites have been wracked with the fear that their homes or businesses are going to be next in the string of arsons that have been keeping the Hathian Fire Department more than busy.

On October 16th, the serial arsonist started their crime spree by not only burning the Hathian Children’s Home to the ground, but adding insult to injury by spray painting graffiti on the building days before the fire was started.

On October 27th, the home of Mya Republic and Ghavin Mazzigatti was destroyed in a similar blaze. The same style of graffiti that was seen on the HCH before the fire that destroyed the foster home was also seen on the Republic-Mazzigatti residence.

The most recent arson occurred in the early morning of November 1st, where the home of Daevi Taylor, also located in suburb Vodou like the two previous arsons, was destroyed. Just like before, the graffiti that was found on the other buildings was also seen on the residence. The Vodou Motel which was adjacent to the home was unharmed. Taylor was fortunately out of town when the blaze occurred.

In all the incidents, the buildings were burned beyond salvage, costing upwards of  $500,000 in total damages to owners and causing irreversible mental harm and trauma to those involved.

But fortunately, one lead has been gathered.

The suspected arsonist, who has been spotted at two of the three fires, appears to be a blonde, slender male, though police are unable to obtain a description beyond that.

Anyone who has information or who has seen the suspect should report it to the HPD immediately.

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