Khloe Glamour Murdered in Cold Blood

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Khloe Glamour October 31, 1987 - October 26, 2011
Khloe Glamour in her last vacation to Miami

It is with my deepest regret to inform the city of Hathian about this. My friend Khloe Glamour was found murdered in cold blood next to the Mourning Wood Funeral Home on October 26, 2011. Khloe was a few days shy of her 24th birthday on Halloween. We received a call from the person who discovered the body and decided to share the details on the base of anonymity. This person states that the image of what Khloe became will not leave her memory for a long time. “I can assure you Anon, Khloe’s death was not a pretty one.” For the readers sake, if you have a low tolerance for disturbing descriptions please skip the next paragraph.

Khloe was found stripped naked on the grassy side of Mourning Wood Funeral Home. The witness describes Glamour’s body as ripped apart. Glamour’s arms and legs were cut off her body, she was also decapitated. The arms were formed into a square, as the elbows were bent. Glamour’s legs stuck out of the ground, oddly bent at the knee over this arm square that was formed. In the middle of the arms.. are what appeared to be Khloe’s butt cheeks with the woman’s head positioned upright over them with a rock in her mouth, until the witness saw the head tip over Khloe’s butt cheeks. The witness also stated that Khloe’s fingers were also detached from the hands and “planted” into the soil, with the fingers pointing out and with a little flower poking out of each fingertip. The fingers were lined in front of the odd square hands. The torso was laying next to the odd arrangement of body parts and was cut open.

The witness states that she quickly called the Hathian Police Department and got a quick response with an Officer arriving on the scene. She was transported to the hospital for feeling a bit under the weather seeing Khloe in such a state.

I immediately got in contact with Sharea Nightfire, Khloe’s best friend and got a statement about this whole situation from her: “Want my opinion?   It f*#$ing sucks!  Why do the innocent people get murdered!  It’s so unfair… She never killed more than 2 people or something… She was a very very good person…  She is my best friend… and a good person.. and also a sorority sister of MAD… life is unfair you know, there are people who deserve to die more and they are still walking around Hathian ” As I was preparing to hang up, Sharea wanted to add this: “…But make sure to add, whoever did this will die in the most gruesome way possible… no more playing around with a drill… it will be the serious stuff… ”

Sharea also gave me a few people who I can get statements from that were friends with Glamour and these are their statements:

Kay Varnish: “She was my friend…I don’t know what I can say about it?  Khloe was one of the nicest people ever. a really good friend..MAD won’t ever be the same without her.  I hope the lazy bastard fuck HPD catches whoever did it, but they don’t know their arse from their elbow.”

Aizzel Beck: “Well Khloe was vivacious, curvacious” she laughed lightly, “sexy and owned in it. Not in that whore way, that denies it all the time. Khloe knew who she was and owned who she was. I am upset and sad by all of this, she was a close friend, a MAD sister,  so it was surprising to me to hear someone who hurt her. ”

Ellis Millet: ” It was shameless and s&^#y. She was my friend and never done nothing to nobody. F#%#’s sake, she was a nice person!”before hanging up he also added “You better watch yourself, and so should anyone who was involved cuz I’m gonna find da killer myself. I’ll find out who done it… Watch yourself I know people”

I did get in contact with Greenlee Morrisey but she was unable to make a coherent statement due to the overwhelming news.

So with this article, I leave you readers of the Hathian Observer to remember Khloe Glamour  as the vibrant, rich, sexy young adult she was.

May she Rest in Peace.



Khloe Glamour October 31, 1987 - October 26, 2011
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