FDH vs HPD: Hathian’s Civil War

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Late on the night of October 14th, the Observer office received a call from someone inside the Hathian Police Department, claiming more police brutality.

“My name’s Coyoti Kharg. Most know me around town as the owner of the fitness centre in Black Bottom and an EMT for FDH. I’m right now sitting in jail, being framed,” stated the caller, who, we could only assume, was sitting in the basement of the prison during the call.

On October 2nd, there was a massive blaze at the Vodou Motel on North Shore Drive, which caused roads to shut down as almost all of the fire department battled the inferno. Coyoti Kharg, one of the firemen called to the scene, claimed that HPD Sergeant Detective Marcus Tinamou hit him with $32,000 in fines and citations for ‘doing his job as a firefighter’.

“We had just put out the blaze in Vodou when he rolled up with his partner Modan,” Kharg explains in a hushed and hurried tone. “They saw me and started saying how much they would cite the FDH as a whole.  The next day, I got the tickets in my mail.”

Kharg then contacted the police department on the 4th of October, and made an appointment to see Captain Hendrich Andel at 4:00pm on the following Monday, the 10th.

Reports from the EMT state that the Captain didn’t show up until 5:15pm, an hour and fifteen minutes after the agreed upon time, and told a rookie officer to ‘tell them to leave’.

“When I went with my FDH friends, because this was a deliberate attack on all of us, Andel refused to see us,” Kharg recalls. “Tinamou arrived, and I attempted to talk to him, to convince him to lower the charges, but before I could even ask, he threw a punch at me.”

At this point, Captain Andel was witnessing the scene, and reportedly started attacking Lieutenant Shadoe Kohime as Kharg engaged Tinamou.

“Self defence,” he assures about his attack on the Sergeant Detective. “We managed to subdue Andel and Tinamou, but the day after, they filed more citations equalling $100,000 and arrest warrants for terrorism.”

It’s then that the phone goes quiet.

Upon further inspection of the situation via a trip to see the prisoners, it’s found that the injuries sustained by Kohime were rather severe, much like what Andel normally doles out to his enemies, and was hit with $25,000 in fines. Callista and Coyoti Kharg were seemingly unharmed, except for fines close to $50,000.

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