On Watch: An Officer’s Glossary

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Many have heard Officers using a language unique to law enforcement. I decided to give everyone a short glossary of Cop Talk. So here goes.

10-4: Radio code for acknowledging something.

10-8: Radio code for Officer is on duty

Code 3: radio code for respond immediately. Only used when things are dire.

ASP: a collapsible baton commonly carried by officers; stands for Armament Systems and Procedures. Originally the name of a highly customized and tuned S&W Model 39 9mm Pistol.

M&P: Short for Military & Police , a series of firearms made by Smith & Wesson. Dates to 1899, with the introduction of the first model military & police service revolver.

Dragnet: any system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects; including road barricades and traffic stops, widespread DNA tests, and general increased police alertness. Also the title of a popular TV/Radio show.

Kick: Slang for releasing a prisoner.

Dick: Slang for Detective.

Mirandize:  read a suspect his/her rights under the Supreme Court Ruling on Miranda Vs. Arizona

Exclusionary Rule: Came about after the Supreme Court Ruling Mapp vs. Ohio in 1961. The Rule basically means that evidence obtained in violation of the 4th Amendment is inadmissible in criminal court proceedings

Probable Cause: the standard by whichan officer or agent of the law has the grounds to make an arrest.

Glock: a popular brand of service pistol. The first universally successful polymer frame pistol in the US.

Mace: a generic term for pepper spray. The original formulation was 1% CN in a mixture of propellants and inert ingredients. More recent versions are a mixture of OC(Pepper). Mace was originally a brand name of General Ordnance Equipment Corporation, which sold it to Smith & Wesson in 1987.

Five-O: nickname for Police. Came from the television show Hawaii Five-O.

Sig: short for Sig Sauer, a popular brand of service pistol

Rodney King: famous black suspect beaten by the LAPD. Ignited race riots in the 90s.

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