Nightmare on Hathian’s Street – Actors Needed

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Ever wanted to be in a movie?  Due to it coming up to Halloween, a certain someone is wanting to recreate the magic of a very special film, ours will be titled “A Nightmare On Hathian’s Streets.”.  Yes, it is a remake, but with some very special little changes that cannot be disclosed to just anyone.  The storyline will be similar, but the gore factor is going to be upped.  It is definitely something you will want to be a part of.

We need people to take part in something that could well and truly put Hathian on the map for being a budding film town!  Our main role shall go to someone who has a very pretty face, not camera shy, and an ample clevage.  The role of the villain has already been cast.  But fear not!  There are many roles to fill, the main star’s friends, families, random extras.  We can always use staff members, too; camera crew, directors, caterers, etc.

If *you* wish to be a part of this project, please get in touch ASAP, experience is not essential.  We don’t want an act, we want the truth.  There is a part for anyone and everyone.  Contact Misfit at #555 9999 ((IM LittlePunky Varnish)).

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