Meat Beater’s Butcher Specials available now, This meat can’t be beat!

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Meat Beaters is now offering specials to entice patrons down to try the new Butcher in town! Specials are updated frequently and named after some of your favorite Hathians, so come on down and see who made the Wall of Shame. Check out our current Specials:

Morpork Meat Balls:
All Pork Meatballs! Just like the real Morpork, these fat fucks are packed full of pig and perfect for searing. When they cook, they shrivel up nice and tiny, and the parsley adds a hairy touch. Just don’t try to eat them in one bite, you’ll definitely choke.

Lower 9th Reject Blood Sausage
They might make you anxious the first time you try them but they’re an acquired taste that soon you won’t be able to get enough of! Packed with onions, paprika, pepper and all things that make you sweat. Cook them 7 minutes per side till the rich blood has cooked through and you’ve got a mouth full of iron rich goodness. Just don’t pierce the casing too soon, or you’ll have a bloody mess.

Mr. Smiley’s Shank
Fuck Ice Cream! Order a Mr. Smiley Beef Shank and get the signature 🙂 seared right onto the meat! Slow cook the meat off the bone or throw it in for a stew! Nobody deserves to be shanked like Mr. Smiley.

Maeve’s Nervous Tendon
Hathian giving you the shakes? Our Maeve’s Tendons will cook down for hours in a nice hot broth and melt your nervous nellies away. If only Maeve would try her Tendons, she might not be so shhhhhakey.

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