Local ADA Jones to Resign

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ADA, Jamison Jones

Jamison Amanda-Grace (Jamie) Jones, daughter of infamous Supreme Court Justice, Kedderick Jones – first came to Hathian four years ago to take on the extremely undesirable position of Hathian Assistant District Attorney, not for the paycheck but for the challenge. “Imagine,” quoted the glamorous prosecutor, “what turning around the conviction rate will do not only for my career, but for the city of Hathian. Never have I found a place so in need of a beacon of hope.” Jones left a prestigious position at a Connecticut law firm under her father’s domain to take the job in Hathian as a stepping stone for her hopeful future in politics.

During her four years in Hathian, Jones made good on her promise to turn around the conviction rate in Hathian from a pitiful 28.8% to a more respectable (if still lackluster) 47.6% and orchestrated the opening of Hathian Legal Services in District 8; a potpourri of legal professionals from defense attorneys and private investigators to trial experts including criminal psychologists and arson experts.

Yesterday, quite unexpectedly Jones announced her intention to resign from her position as Assistant District Attorney, giving no reason for her surprising decision. “At this time, it is my intention that Hathian Legal Services will continue to function in my absence but at this time I have no plans to carry on as either ADA or a prosecutor for the city of Hathian.” When asked if she was planning to leave Hathian to pursue a career elsewhere, Jones was evasive. “I am not sure what my plans are yet.”

The news of the resignation resonated heavily through congress this morning although the Honorable K. Jones could not be reached for comment.

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