Nurse Killer Remains at Large

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Suspects, Garyth & Piper Trevellion
Suspects, Garyth & Piper Trevellion

A week has passed since the grisly discovery of the remains of local nurse, Aeryn Rhys, 21 – yet her killer remains at large. Rhys, who was brutally tortured and left to die bringing her short life to a tragic end, was described by her co-workers as a funny, perpetually cheerful young woman. She was a native resident of Louisiana and is survived by her parents, James and Alice Rhys, and younger sister, Madden, who were unavailable for comment.

Rhys’s remains have been released by the HPD and will be transported to her hometown in Donaldsonville, LA for burial.

In spite of past leads, the Hathian Police Department has yet to question the prime suspects in Rhys’s disappearance and subsequent murder, local artist Garyth Trevellion and his wife, Pie Hole Pizzeria manager Piper Trevellion (nee) Delvalle.

The couple were tried and convicted late last year of kidnapping, brutalizing, and sexually torturing Rhys, who was found barely alive by former HPD Detective Coyoti Kharg only after she had been missing for more than nine weeks; a crime for which the couple in question is still on parole.

While the police have yet to speak with the suspects, the Hathian Observer approached them for comment regarding this case.

Piper Trevellion declined to comment while her husband Garyth was slightly more forthcoming. “Whatever I’m going through pales in comparison to the family of the deceased nurse. It’s never easy to lose a loved one after all – I know from personal experience,” said Trevellion, who also expressed frustration that he has been losing business and clientele since he became a suspect in the murder of Rhys.

Due to the prolonged time between her death and the discovery of her body, little evidence remains in the case of Rhys’s murder. It seems in this case, justice might never be served.

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