HPD: Help or Hindrance?

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HPD Captain Hendrich Andel stands watch over Hathian
HPD Captain Hendrich Andel stands watch over Hathian

The Hathian Police Department stands as a barrier in Hathian, as a shield between humanity and inhumanity, justice and injustice… or do they?

Wherever you might go, or whoever you might ask – rumors abound about the inequalities and unethical behavior of the notorious HPD and the officers who protect and serve.

“If you ask me,” said a source who prefers to remain anonymous; “The HPD is worse than any gang. They’re the most brutal, bloodthirsty, unconscionable group in the entire city and by their actions they only make things worse here, not better.”

Most veteran Hathian residents will expound on rumors about HPD Captain Hendrich Andel and his reputation for unwarranted brutality, and his encouragement of junior officers to indulge in such behaviors also. The same unnamed source as above claimed, “The Captain is the worst of them all, he throws weapons into the cells and makes the prisoners combat for their freedom.”

Rumors also abound concerning HPD Lieutenant Benjamin Stoneage, who has a reputation for sexual misconduct with female residents of Hathian, including the exchange of legal aid for sexual favors, extortion, and acceptance of bribes – but are these just unfounded rumors circulating about the upper-ranks of the HPD, or is there truly something more sinister at play?

In a quest for information, the Hathian Observer opted to speak with a few of Hathian’s Finest for their views and opinions. First, we spoke to HPD Sergeant Dax Carver who has a long and decorated career within the HPD.

Carver, a Chicago native, lost his firefighter father in a meth lab explosion and takes a strong stand against the flow of narcotics and drug trafficking in Hathian. “We keep up our end of the drug war on a daily basis, investigating every lead, and making every arrest we can to keep the drug trade from becoming more entrenched in our city,” claimed Sergeant Carver.

Further commenting on the growing gang presence in Hathian, Sergeant Carver was quoted as saying, “The gangs need to go, absolutely, their brand of violence extends into the streets, and pulls in innocent citizens.”

When asked what most motivated him on his crusade for justice, Sergeant Carver elaborated;  “I’ve now been in this city for about half my life. I’ve never had just one focus in what I do. I do what I do because I love it.”

So is the HPD as brutally unjust as the common Hathianite would have you believe? It seems apparent that even some of the officers are walking on eggshells within their own ranks. HPD Lieutenant Tori Best was honestly forthcoming on the issue saying, “I don’t doubt that this job will kill me.  The question is if it’ll be the gangs or my officers that do it first.”

Perhaps the jury is still out on the question of whether the HPD helps or hurts their own cause within the city.


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